GamersInfo Interview - Ultimate Band "If asked 5 years ago, few may have guessed the success of the music game genre. Would any have guessed that it would surpass the sports genre? And, so quickly? Fall Line Studio's Senior Producer, Tim Huntsman, describes Ultimate Band as a "performance based music game" which tries to "incorporate the unique technologies available on the Wii and DS." What does this mean? No peripherals. Just you, the music and the machine.

Though there are several differences between Ultimate Band and the leading music game on the market, the lack of peripheral is perhaps the most important. This isn't a package of simulated musical instruments intended to be used with the Wii or DS; the console itself becomes the simulated instrument. Let me rephrase that: the console becomes any one of a number of simulated instruments.

This week, Tim Huntsman, Art Director Mike Thompson, and Development Director Mark McArthur were on-hand to speak to a number of press members regarding the inspiration, design and unique qualities of this upcoming title."

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