GamersInfo Review: Mechanic Master "There's nothing quite like a Rube Goldberg machine. Perhaps my days of playing Mousetrap when a wee little Ophelea, or The Incredible Machine during college have endeared me to the concept, but the idea of making the simple complex just gets me all tingly inside. There have been a few PC games over the years that have tickled my fancy, but the Nintendo DS is the perfect platform for this type of puzzling and fun. Mechanic Master is perfect for getting in a little puzzling, learning a little physics or for satisfying those cravings to squoosh aliens.

Who wouldn't want to squoosh aliens? Especially purple blobbish aliens - they're the best kind! Like Mousetrap, Mechanic Master (MM) has a point to all the silly contraptions: The Earth has been invaded, and it must be saved! Besides, it can be fun to knock the little aliens off ledges, fly them away in helium balloons and smoosh them!"

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