GamerLimit Review: Mirror's Edge

GamerLimit: "In Every console generation, a game will release that fundamentally changes the view of how a certain aspect is properly done. With the Nintendo 64/PlayStation era, Super Mario 64 changed the way that 3D games are viewed; with the Gamecube/Xbox/PlayStation 2 era, Halo changed the way that 1st person shooters on consoles are viewed. Now Mirror's Edge has come along and will change the way that platforming in a 1st person perspective is used.

Never has there been a game that so well takes advantage of the 1st person perspective to truly make the player feel that they are the character, that they are physically in the world and maneuvering through it. Mirror's Edge does a phenomenal job at giving a physicality to the way the player interacts with the world. Instead of just hopping from surface to surface, you can feel the impact as you hit the ground just a little too hard. You can sense your momentum building as you sprint across rooftops and down halls. The motion blur that fills the edge of your vision as you sprint only adds to the experience. You even feel as though you are Faith, fully utilizing the first person perspective by, "Gasp!", allowing you to actually see your body when look down and perform actions in which more than just your hands would be shown. You see your legs as you slide down surfaces, your hands press up against the walls as you do, and you can actually see yourself when you look down just as you would in real life. Mirror's Edge takes all of these aspects and combines them into one of the most immersive experiences."

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St03834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Just completed this game about 30mins ago & loved every minute of it, i'd give it a 9/10