GamerLimit Review: Age of Booty

GamerLimit: "Xbox Live Arcade has, in my opinion, always put out some quality strategy board games. Catan and Carcassorone are two of the best examples. With Capcom behind the publishing duties and some of former Bungie developers, this newly formed developer being Certain Affinity, doing the honors of creating Age of Booty to fans of the genre were eagerly anticipating the game would be putting it mildly. I am very happy to report that they delivered and then some.

On the surface the game is very simplistic. You control a pirate ship in real time moving across a hex "game board" where the point of the game is to take over and control a certain amount of port towns by laying siege. Along the way you can upgrade your ship and ports you take over with better cannons, armor and speed each giving distinct advantages or disadvantages according to what everyone else is doing. While you are in the process of taking ports for your own here are merchant ships that drop little nasties to muddle the opponent with teleporting whirlpools, armor destroying bombs and a devilish little monkey (you'll just have to hear him for yourself to know his pain)."

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