Star Wars: Squadrons Details Leaked - Release Date, Price, PSVR Support And More

Some big information spills a little earlier than planned

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Futureshark1076d ago

I'm really hoping the devs of this have played ALOT of X-Wing and TIE-Fighter on PC from back in the day. The missions on both of those were excellent, with a good story covering them though, so hoping this will channel those classics single-player wise.

1076d ago
darthv721076d ago

x-wing and tie fighter and then x-wing vs tie fighter... good stuff man. This looks to bring that back in serious style.

SyntheticForm1076d ago

Tie Fighter was the first game I got when I had a Compaq way back in the day.

That game was genius for its time.

Hakuoro1076d ago

Star Wars space shooter in VR, pretty cool!

jukins1076d ago

Day 1 psvr and dogfighting?! I'm all in not even a star wars fan but dogfighting in vr I'm sold

Marcello1076d ago

yea they can count me in too. With no VR i wouldnt have bothered

jeromeface1076d ago

Then you're a vr fanboy and not truly invested.

GamingSinceForever1076d ago

Are we talking full VR support like Resident Evil 7?

If so I am sold because the other Star Wars VR game was dope, but too short.

Phoenix761076d ago

Have you played the rouge 1 VR mission on battlefront 1?

GamingSinceForever1076d ago

That’s what I was talking about when I said it was too short.

Phoenix761075d ago

Oh right mate 😁 sorry, thought you meant the SW game on the oculus quest

rlow11076d ago

Looking good, lets hope EA keeps the momentum alive.

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