GamerLimit Review: Vigilante 8 Arcade

GamerLimit: "I never got to play the original Vigilante 8 on the Playstation 1 back in 1998 so I didn't have the weight of nostalgia on my back when picking up this arcade release to review. I was looking forward to it as I knew a great deal of people hold the game in high regard. After putting a few hours into the game modes available I can safely say that I am not among the legions of fans.

The game is simple enough, drive around with one of eight cars to choose from, pick up weapons and blast the other cars into smithereens before they do so unto you. The mechanic is familiar enough: the different cars have varying strength and weaknesses like armor and speed. The weapons can home in on an enemy, have a straight but powerful shot or your target from long distances as is the case with mortars. You have the ability and choice to charge up and use combos (much like a fighter) to let out even more devastating blasts. It's fairly easy and intuitive to use."

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