RAGE QUIT: Timed Exclusives

Timed exclusives in video games isn't anything new. However after the PlayStation 5 reveal, Josh Miller of VGU.tv wants to vent about timed exclusives.

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RazzerRedux1471d ago

"Before we get any further, let me explain where I draw the line exactly with exclusivity. Indies are a special case for the most part. Funding for them is harder to come by, especially at the expense of their livelihoods. Unlike major publishers, they need all the help they can get. "

Nah.....I don't buy that at all. If you are going to complain about timed exclusivity then do it across the board. Be consistent about it. If timed exclusives are bad then they are just bad. Indies have been getting funding from crowd funding for a while. Larian Studios made both Divinity Original Sin and Divinity Original Sin 2 with money received via kickstarter.

AK911470d ago

Lets just make exclusives as exclusives like Ninty is doing, also thanks to BC we won't have to worry about them being stuck on one console.


HELLDIVERS 2 - Patch 01.000.403

Arrowhead Game Studios writes: "Small patch incoming from High Command!

For this patch, we have made improvements and changes to the following areas:

* Crash fix related to the FAF-14 Spear
* General fixes"

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The F2P MMORPG "Star Trek Online: Unparalleled" is now available for consoles worldwide

"Today, Arc Games and Cryptic Studios announced that "Star Trek Online: Unparalleled", the 32nd season of their long-running free-to-play Star Trek MMORPG, is available now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
" - Arc Games and Cryptic Studios.


Gaming Industry No Longer Leaves Room For Any Failures

The industry is so focused on economics and profitability that it has forgotten that failure is sometimes needed for future success.

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Christopher6h ago

Actually, with its focus on economics and profitability it is opening itself up to even more failure.

See: Redfall, Kill the Justice League, Forspoken, Starfield, Immortals of Aveum, etc. And then there's the focus on BR and 5v5 PvP games that compete with existing and already powerhouse games to try and grab a bit of that MTX profit.

They generic-the-heck out of the gameplay and focus on the same glamour we've seen time and time again. We're not being given new games by the big boys, we're being given the same thing with big marketing.

But what do gamers want? Games with a heavy focus on world building and player-defined style of play (BG3, Elden Ring, etc.). But that's too much work for AAA studios. They'd actually have to design to exclude boring idiots and children who can't play adult games. But they are focused on that mass market sweet spot and children who don't know how to not spend money on skins.

jznrpg1h ago

There are plenty of failures every year. Just look at Xbox for the last decade. Generally the cause is chasing the money and not making a polished fun game.

RhinoGamer881h ago

Correction, this statement does NOT affect gaming executives.