GTA 5 Coming To Next-Gen Benefits The Game And The Industry

Regarding the somewhat controversial news that GTA 5 would be ported to both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, GTABOOM writes "If people are still buying this game, why wouldn't Rockstar bring it to new consoles? GTA 5 persisting in the next-gen is ultimately beneficial for us in multiple ways."

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seanpitt23108d ago

I would of preferred a next gen version of red dead 2

Ezio2048108d ago

It will also come for sure. They will announce it sooner or later.

108d ago
Duke19108d ago

Maybe it benefits the industry - but it doesn't benefit the consumer. Funneling resources into remasters vs developers creating something new is simply an effective cash grab. GTA5 released in 2013 - I would have preferred them take the stance of "we aren't going to mess around with a re-release of GTA5, we are building something new".

But now, they get GTA5 on next gen and let the masses repurchase that, and can sit back even more until releasing a new game.

Anomander108d ago

It's a hard pass for me. It's milking the consumer for sure. I'll just stick to the PC version and enjoy the PC mods

outsider1624108d ago

If not GTA 6, atleast some GTAV story dlc would be nice R*.

moomoo319108d ago

Releasing this game for the 4th time since 2013. Last gen, PC, current gen, next gen. And like Skyrim, we wont see a sequel for at least 4 - 5 years in all likelihood. TRASH. MAKE A NEW GAME.

Baza107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Obviously GTA6 is in development. Rockstar takes 6 years to make a freaking game. GTA5 is still relevant and makes 100% sense to release on next gen. Don’t buy it. Your problem is solved.

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The story is too old to be commented.