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Gameblog: "Seven years after the first episode, The Last of Us Part II is a true masterpiece, at every level: not only has Naughty Dog released a bigger, richer, longer and darker adventure, but its surprising story plays wickedly with the fans hopes, and question the very nature of roles, and what humanity should stand for. If only more AAA games could choose for such strong choices despite the consequences, the media would surely be more interesting. Released at the very end of the PlayStation 4 cycle, The Last of Us Part II feels like the definitive synthesis of this generation."

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Thundercat77221d ago

Wow... Looks like TLoU 2 is defining this generation as part 1 did for previous Gen.

I am glad ND had the balls to stay true to their vision and give us just another masterpiece.

Zega221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It looks like they have taken the crown from God of war. This is the best ps4 game ever imo.

S2Killinit221d ago

Its sitting at 96! 96! For a violent game... insane

The_Sage221d ago

Another 10/10. I can't wait for Friday.

TeamIcoFan221d ago

Well you're gonna have to.
Unless you've got a time machine, in which case, hand that shit over right now.

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Gatsu221d ago

Can't wait to experience this masterpiece <3 ....