Does The Order: 1886’s Montage Omission Mean The Series Has No Future?

Has Sony put a line through The Order?

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ArchangelMike330d ago

I think your jumping to conclusions based on false assumptions. Please don't get me wrong, I loved The Order and I really hope that Sony green lights a sequel, but I don't think that sizzle real can relistically be the basis for whether or not it's in development or not.

Xack330d ago

It's not just that, it's the fact that they've barely used it at all in anything since it launched. I want a sequel probably more than most people, but my hope is waning

husomc330d ago

It's most likely gone multiplat

LoveSpuds330d ago

The key consideration for me is that IF they are working on a sequel, they would not want to tip their hand by including footage of an older game in some relatively insignificant sizzle reel, surely they would say nothing until they were ready with a big reveal?

Personally, I would love a sequel as I simply adored the universe and lore they built around the game. I bought it upon release and had a fab time on the way to getting my platinum trophy, I can see it has shortcomings but I alway felt the game was given a bit of a raw deal in the end.

Xack330d ago

I see where you're coming from, but even a spilt second of Galahad or something acknowledging the series, it just seems Sony is trying to distance itself

LoveSpuds330d ago

Yeah I suppose you are right Xack, who doest want to see an image showing the magnificence of Galahad's beard 😂

Fingers crossed for a sequel on day mate. Happy gaming 👍

UltraNova330d ago

Or.... they are not ready to show anything yet?

rainslacker329d ago

I doubt a montage would make the masses think that they were creating a new game. Sony often shows their old franchises in those kinds of videos, and it doesn't mean anything other than pointing out that they have these great franchises over the years.

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RaidenBlack330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I think the devs once told they are eager to make a sequel but only if Sony green-lits it.
On the other hand, they've been making multi-plat and PC games after Order 1886.
And they've even shown off a PC build of Order 1886 at SIGGRAPH running at 60fps.

goldwyncq330d ago

Just make the sequel a movie or a tv series.

Outlawzz330d ago

They haven't used the ip, clearly it didn't perform well enough for them apparently so why place it as part of the montage since it's not really as iconic.

Of course that doesn't mean that it's been abandoned, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff they didn't include on there but I didn't care enough to actually pay attention honestly.

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