Need For Speed Undercover: Racing's Worst Nightmare writes: "The game however defies all the odds this season to emerge as a sub par experience slandering Electronic Arts and Criterion's credibility in churning out a franchise as coveted as Burnout: Paradise."

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100003834d ago

"Hot Pursuit", Midnight Club does a better job at the illegal street racing thingy...

outlawlife3834d ago

original hot pursuit cannot be beaten, it was just too good

i personally think need for speed needs to go back to the old formula of the originals

these attempts at being edgy and different are never good, a lot of people out there just want a good solid racer, we don't need the gimmick and not everybody likes the rehashed plot from the fast and the furious in every racing game

sinncross3834d ago

I feel more sorry for Maggie Q :(

Nice3833d ago

this year around, they should stop incessantly pushing out franchises which are low in quality

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