GTA 5 PS Plus Members will get Millions Every month Until PS5's Released

Rockstar has also initiated $1,000,000 GTA Money for all PS Plus Members. The money will be directly deposited to your account in Maze Bank within 72 hours of log-in.

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BigBosss99d ago

Not good enough, we were hoping for a GTA6 teaser of somesort but instead we are getting the game....again and a million dollars till the release of the game -.-

GamerBoi00799d ago

Rockstar is earning tons of money from GTA V, and now that RD2 is next. They are in no rush to announce a new game, IMO

Agent_00_Revan98d ago

I question if they've even started working on GTA 6. They've been milking 5 as much as they can, it wouldn't surprise me.

boing198d ago

They are working on GTA 6. You'll be able to travel between continents.

Sunny_D98d ago

I can see it now. The first time they announce GTA 6 will be a title screen with a fancy background aka Elder Scrolls 6... and will come out in 6 years....


Yep, they are not going to take this cow out to pasture until it stops laying golden eggs...

IMO, Cyberpunk’s next gen remaster will include an online component to get some of that sweet record-breaking shark card cash flow, and that will be what pressures Rockstar to release a new game (GTA6).

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Crazyglues98d ago

Why Plus members and not everyone... makes no sense the money is not real, it's a dam video game...

Rockstar, seriously, way to be all the way Lame...

silenthillstrangler98d ago

You need psplus to play gtav....ONLINE.

Crazyglues97d ago

@ silenthillstrangler - Yeah but my little brother who plays on my PlayStation who does not have plus because he uses mine he will get nothing because he is not the plus member.. - But he plays the game all the time, so that's lame, I would just give him it if I could but as you know you can't give money to other players in GTA..

I just don't see the point of why it had to be Plus Owners only...

Stay-Toasty97d ago

Just buy him a ten dollar card..

MajorLazer98d ago

GTA VI will probably come out in 2024, sadly.

RosweeSon98d ago

It’s never short of players and many many modes I can think of worse games to play online 😜✌🏻 They always updating it with extra modes

Bobertt98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

It used to be a lot more fun in the early years with all the glitches and the payouts but now they made it pointless if you don't have friends and made everything overpriced and a grind so you would buy the shark cards. The VIP, CEO, Bunker, Heists, and Nightclub missions are the most fun and pay the most and you used to be able to do them in solo or invite only sessions but they changed it so that you have to do them in public sessions and that ruined the game. In the public sessions everyone can rob you when you are making the deliveries or resupplies and you lose a lot of money. You need to hire your friends or randoms in the lobby to try and protect you but that doesn't help if the other guys have the OP vehicles or weapons. Plus many of these missions require you to deliver more than one shipment so if you're by yourself someone can take the other shipment or wait near it while your delivering one. The prices for vehicles are ridiculous too, to get the Oppressor MK 2 for $3.8 mill you need to buy the Terrorbyte truck to modify it inside for at least $1.3 million but to get the Terrorbyte you need to have a nightclub storage facility which cost millions as well. If you haven't played it yet i would avoid it unless you have a couple friends who will play with you.

KwietStorm98d ago

GTA RP is. I got bored of the main online some time ago.

MajorLazer97d ago

The doomsday heist glitch can net you a little over a million. I was getting a million every 25 minutes. I blew maybe 40mn in the game, 38 of it being from the glitch.

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CaEsAr-98d ago

Can this game just die off already? I'm sick of hearing about this game. Apparently 2 gens of milking isn't enough for R*.

TFJWM98d ago

It is the 4th best selling game in the US YTD it is not going anywhere for awhile

kevinsheeks98d ago

gta online isn't fun to me the controls are so stiff if it was more fun to move around i'd play it but it's so outdated.

98d ago
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