Gran Turismo 7: How Trial Mountain Has Changed

Thursday’s big PlayStation 5 games reveal event provided a triple-whammy for Gran Turismo fans. Sony not only revealed the console itself, but also unveiled Gran Turismo 7. If that wasn’t quite enough, the trailer also gave us a first look at Trial Mountain.

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IRetrouk459d ago

Looking forward to trying this out, hoping they expand on the vr stuff, racing and vr were made for each other.

Iceball2000459d ago

I hope they also have the old layout. That last turn would be wild.

IRetrouk459d ago

I'm just glad we are getting it back but hopefully they do have the original layout, they did many different layouts for most tracks in sport so you never know lol.

NeoGamer232459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

Really, really excited to get a ship date for this game... GT release = Automatic buy of PS5! (For me)