Which Games Are LONG Overdue A Sequel?

BY GRANT TAYLOR: In the light of the Xbox Series X and PS5 announcements, we’ve also discovered a long list of new IPs along with them. The two video gaming giants are leaving nothing to chance, and both have teased a huge list of potential launch titles for their next-generation consoles. Aside from that, we’ve also seen a variety of returning classics, follow-ons, or a sequel for not-so-old games, like Horizon, Halo, or Resident Evil.

However, I’m of the firm belief that there are many games out there in the past that still deserve (or desperately need) sequels. The games featured below are some of the top titles that I personally feel are definitely overdue a sequel.

Rapid fire list, go!

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1008d ago

Sly Cooper. Give the raccoon boi and his gang their final heist.

ilikestuff1008d ago

Siphon filter
Legacy of kain
Friggen tenchu already
Fight night

ilikestuff1007d ago

Road killers
I never played jak and dexter so I can’t comment on that game. I’m sure it’s good, somehow I didn’t play it. But ya know what? Sequel that bad boy too! I really miss all those games I’ve mentioned though.

V3geta1008d ago

They tried and no one bought it back in 2013.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1008d ago

I don't think they have released any sales data for Thieves in Time.

RaidenBlack1008d ago

F.E.A.R. deserves a sequel and Quake deserves a reboot.
And obviously Splinter Cell and Time Splitters.

rpvenom1008d ago

Sigh.. can one even expect a GTA 6 to be released in the next year? Probably not..

MajorLazer1008d ago

GTA will probably release in 2024. ****ing painful :(

Atom6661008d ago

The fact that they couldn't even give a port of GTA5 at launch this Fall tells me that they will be looking at 2022 or 2023 at the earliest.

Now I wonder if the focus will be on porting Red Dead after GTA5 gets its port.

V3geta1008d ago

There was a 5 year gap between IV & V and another 5 year gap between V & RDR2, so if we go by that, then VI should release in 2023 or at the latest 2024.

Bobertt1007d ago

I think 2023 if they don't run into any problems. I think they will release GTA6 story first and then launch the online mode in 2024.

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EazyC1008d ago

Let's just have a reality check: GTA 6 is NOT going to be the game OG fans expect it to be. It will primarily be a vehicle for GTA Online 2.

Kabaneri1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

They might combine it with the next gen port of GTA5 so its one unified GTA online with multiple cities. Now we know why we never got a Pro/OneX upgrade for GTA5, they want another $60.

Atom6661008d ago

Probably, but I have faith that all of this time and Red Deads critical and commercial success give reason for a solid SP experience.

I greatly enjoy GTA online with friends. It's popularity is deserving of it's own sequel, but I share in the disappointment that we may not see the amount of focus on the campaign that we hope.

Hikoran1008d ago

I do agree fully with the fact it's going to be GTA 6 online basically, but you're also right with the solid SP experience. However, Rockstar will just pump money into online as it pretty much was a licence to print money with V

V3geta1008d ago

I agree that Online will always be the priority post launch, but not having a massive single player component is too risky, as both V and RDR2's massive sales were mostly due to their single player stories.

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