Is Sony Giving Atmos Fans the Shaft with PlayStation 5?

With the launch of a new generation of video games consoles comes the expectation of a huge leap forward in technology. After all, a single console generation currently lasts around seven years. And yes, there were hardware revisions in the last generation to try and keep up with the world's technological advancements (namely 4K), but it's still just a new coat of shiny paint on the same house. And sometimes that paint doesn't even dry properly and instead looks a bit of a mess (Xbox's Dolby Atmos implementation, anyone?).

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rlow11085d ago

Interesting, I know Sony in the past has always tried to push their own standards. Will be interesting to see what happens as things unfold.

crazyCoconuts1085d ago

this article is worried that Sony's new standard would make receivers out of date or require new firmware. There's no way - Sony would do all the encoding on the PS5 and output linear PCM to the receiver, and every receiver accepts that. Sony would bypass Atmos because it's doing all the heavy lifting itself - it doesn't need Atmos. I don't know how good it will be and such, but the concerns this guy has are kinda silly.

Bathyj1085d ago

What you said. Cerny said they wanted hundreds of sound sources not the thirty or so Atmos has, so I can only assume it's better.

He also said it's great sound for everyone not only those with licensed sound systems. so whether you've got a receiver headphones or even just TV speakers PlayStation 5 is going to give you great sound.

TheScotsman1085d ago

Free great audio with no extortianate license fee to pay to dolby. ITS A NO BRAINER, and you don't need branded atmos hardware to listen to it, no Sony has done the right thing here and saved us all money. Atmos wasn't great anyways, and compared to the new audio Sony is building in, Atmos will be forgotten soon enough.

8831084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

I have little doubt SONY will deliver here, but to say that "Atmos will be forgotten" and/or more-so, that it "wasn't great anyways" is, to put it very gently, questionable. Atmos done right (and especially on UHD discs with good audio tracks) is astoundingly fantastic. I never want to go back to 2D sound if I have the option. Where gaming is concerned and licensing fees are a worry, SONY's option delivered the LPCM may be a brilliant option, but saying Atmos wasn't great... While you are obviously entitled to your opinion, many AV specialists as well as consumers with properly done Atmos setups can verify that if 3D audio immersion is what you desire, Atmos is extraordinary.

TKCMuzzer1084d ago

It’s simple and cheaper just to get the 3D headset, it will sound better anyway and be far more immersive. My surround is good but gaming is always better through a headset.

rdgneoz31084d ago

Gaming is always nice with a headset. My gf especially agrees with I play a bit while she gets some sleep...

That said, around 5,000 sound sources vs Atmos with (what they said) a few hundred?

8831084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

"Gaming is always better through a headset"... If you are talking about that only in relation to your setup, fair enough. Good sound systems can do so much more than even good headphones... My headphones are brilliant, but they will NEVER shake my room. When I can use headphones and literally feel the shockwaves in my body/sofa/walls of in game explosions/gunshots, I will realize that I'm not using headphones and I'm using my home-theater setup. A great home theater setup is definitely more expensive than even excellent headphones, but on most levels, a 3D headset still cannot do what a well put together Atmos setup can do --other than cost way less. 3D headsets are DEFINITELY a more pracitical (for many), MUCH less expensive, and easier option. That said -- a VERY respectable home theater setup can be had for relatively little money (considering that most of us in this hobby already put a good bit into our other hardware).

rainslacker1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Atmos had to be licensed. It's an added cost to every user regardless of if they use it, and most dont need it. Consoles are capable of bit streaming the same thing that atmos does without paying for it, and any atmos enabled receiver can decode it to the proper channels.

However, if the system has a uhd drive for movies, atmos is probably going to be in the system. Whether its enabled for games I couldn't say

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RazzerRedux1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

I don't even know what an "Atmos fan" is.

TheScotsman1085d ago

That's because there aren't any.

badz1491085d ago

anything to paint Sony in a bad light. this is like saying AMD is ignoring GSync fans because they implemented FreeSync which doesn't require any fee to be paid to nVidia just like Atmos here. IS as dumb as it sounds!

morganfell1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

They meant Atoms fan. Its a small bladed rotating device that keeps components properly cooled at the molecular level :P

Neonridr1084d ago

An audiophile. Atmos can deliver height channels that regular sound systems cannot. I'm surprised though, I have a Sony receiver that fully supports Atmos.

morganfell1084d ago

Sure but DTS X can be encoded at a higher bitrate. And DTS X, royalty free doesn't require a set speaker configuration.

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Good-Smurf1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Their goal is great audio for all not just those with Dolby Atmos licensed products.
I bet those Atmos fans are worry that they might lose that superiority of spending thousands on their Dolby Atmos setup or something.
And Those who can afford Dolby Atmos are so much better off financially than gamers that this is more of a fake concern than anything,they can just buy another system if they hate the Playstation approach to 3D audio so much.
Kinda like the PC masterace in gaming we have the same equivalent snobs in audiophile community.

one2thr1085d ago

To be fair not all Dolby Atmos capable sound bars systems, cost $1000.

A dirt cheap one will almost always output better sound when compared to internal Tv speakers.

I'm no audiophile, my understanding of dedicated hardware is that it usually do a better job, than a secondary feature, such as Tv speakers.

rainslacker1084d ago

Then those atmos fans arent really aware of how receivers work to decode atmos, or it's possible to provide the same thing through bitstream audio.

TechnoGoat1085d ago

Nobody is getting true ATMOS from a console anyway, who cares.

xX-oldboy-Xx1085d ago

No - people without Home Theatre setups will have better sound from their TV's.

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