Quantum Error for PS5 and PS4 Shows Its Cosmic Horror Gameplay

Today during the Future Games Show, TeamKill Media showcased the first gameplay of its cosmic-horror first-person shooter Quantum Error.

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Fishy Fingers1086d ago

Behold, gameplay of Gamingbolts next-gen aficionado.

IamTylerDurden11086d ago

I actually enjoyed playing as a Fireman in Burning Skies and the axe was a pleasure. This has Deadspace and Doom vibes. It's a smaller dev who is looking to hit PS5 launch.

Whitey2k1085d ago

That what i was thinking lol

ps3rider1085d ago

No, see the gun gameplay, looks retarded and heavy I won't judge now.

1085d ago
Einhander19711085d ago

Looks good, but still hoping for Deadspace.

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