PS5: 8 details you might have missed in Sony’s big reveal

Ray-traced Gran Turismo, a glimpse at the OS, a horizontal system and more.

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Hakuoro221d ago

Ya know, I was noticing that PS5 has a couple slots I'm not sure what they are. I was wondering if the M.2 expansion maybe be like sliding in a SD card or something. Now M.2 are obviously a lot more flexible and not designed around being put into slots like an SD card is and there isn't a standard height so I don't know if that would be possible. But I am curious what the other slots are.

I'm surprised no one has really mentioned those that I have seen.

isarai221d ago

It's just a USB-A and USB-C slot

Hakuoro221d ago

Ah yea, your right. I re-watched the video I thought the power button was a slot. The button looked like an indentation. But now I see what they are.

isarai221d ago

Haha don't sweat it, i only know cause i was obsessively scanning that video for any hidden details on the system. Went full nerd after the reveal 🤓

Jsm89k220d ago

Can you confirm if there is a lightning bolt by the USB port? I think I saw it but I couldn't tell. If there is, I wonder if that means it's usb 3.1?

Bathyj221d ago

So did anyone else just love the music on the hardware reveal? Maybe it's because I've heard it about a dozen times but I can't get it out of my head. I've watched that many reaction videos I think it's great how the balls just transitions into the LEDs on the grills and then everyone suddenly realise they were staring at the machine. The whole thing was very classy

Sunny_D221d ago

Yes it was a great build up and beat drop that sealed the deal.

sprinterboy220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

The whole event had awesome music imo, class 1st showing imo with another reveal after ms with price and more games from batman, bluepoint etc imo

nirwanda221d ago

In this article I've noticed if you click on the pic of the bottom of the controller in the top right hand corner it looks like there is and extra rear mounted button.

Bathyj221d ago

Really hoping for the back button. They haven't shown the back clearly. It might be an Ace up the sleeve

Davloc221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

The second last picture in the article, "A Better Look At The Controller" shows the top of the controller, not the underside. The bit at the top right is the right thumb stick.

Edit: second last photo, not last.

nirwanda220d ago

Your right davloc got my angles mixed up it is the top of the pad and analogue stick.
Somehow I had convinced myself that part of the pad was white

JimmyDM90221d ago

Has Sony said whether the eject and power buttons on PS5 are analog or digital?

I have a launch PS4 and sometimes when it heats up the digital eject button starts going off like crazy. It’s very annoying.

221d ago
jznrpg220d ago

I’m not sure yet either. But I don’t see this PS5 heating up ever unless you live somewhere without AC and it’s 100+ degrees out , it’s very tall with decent thickness and they clearly made it larger for cooling purposes . Plus the cooling solution looks great 👍


It's going to be hotter than the sun

220d ago
OtterX221d ago

I think one thing I don't really see mentioned is, at least I think, all of the artsy transitions during the show were running on a PS5 and were actually showcasing its abilities.

Bathyj221d ago

I wondered that.
Some people are convinced all the people were CGI and running on PS5. Obviously they're a bit over enthusiastic

jznrpg220d ago

It’s clearly states at the beginning of the video everything captured from a PS5

T2X220d ago

I was wondering how many ports it will have. There better be 3 or 4 The 2 on front won't cut it. LOL.