Sony Can Correct Past Mistakes With Demon's Souls on PS5

The upcoming Demon's Souls remake gives Sony an opportunity to fix a critical mistake that the studio made back with the original.

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Bathyj222d ago

It's a shame Sony was so trepidatious about this game. They played a big part in inventing the Soulsborne genre and could have owned it if From made Demon Souls 2 instead of Dark Souls. Anyway this is a great opportunity to bring the game to a new audience who probably haven't played it.

KilluaX3222d ago

"It's a shame that this big soulless corporation couldn't limit the amount of people who can play these games, and quite possible meddle with the development of the titles, possibly fucking up with Miyazaki's vision"

Yeah, I disagree 100%.

Bathyj222d ago

WTF are you talking about? I was saying it was a shame from Sony point of view. It was Sony's game. They own the IP. They proposed it and had From Software make it. If anything From would be very thankful they got to do it. They owe a lot of their success to that game.

It worked out well for both of them but Sony was worried of what they though would be limited appeal and didn't publish it in the West. If they had Dark souls probably never would have been made. But that was Sony's mistake. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

SickSinceSix222d ago

Funny how Miyazaki says Bloodborne is his favorite Soulsborne game. That's another IP owned by a big soulless corporation, guess they didn't meddle with it like you fear monger they would

LMosche222d ago

Well the best Souls game is PS exclusive forever. We could have never had Bloodborne if things had gone other way.

Jsm89k222d ago

Well the reason Sony was so hesitant was because the demo that was shown to them was an awful depiction of what the final product was. Then Sony Japan stepped in to help out and by that time FS was taking liberties with the game. It's possible dms could've been a generic game if Sony had accepted whatever they were shown.

Movefasta1993222d ago

Then things would have been different , we may never have had a dark souls , the game really exploded the souls series , youtubers making dark souls pvp videos and lore videos , it was a good time for from software

Imalwaysright222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

"They proposed it and had From Software make it. If anything From would be very thankful they got to do it."

What a load of crap. Demon's Souls is King's Field spiritual successor and it was FromSoftware that proposed the game to Sony. Sony funded the game but everyone knows that souls games are FromSoftware's babies or to be more precise Myazaki's babies wich is why we never saw a Demon's sequel made by Japan Studio. To say that FromSoftware should be thankful for making Demon's Sould is the same exact thing as saying that Da Vinci should be thankful for painting Mona Lisa because Giuliano de' Medici was his patron.

Games1st222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Sony playing 5d chess, Souls games reached a large audience beyond PS consoles and that audience will be interested in buying a PS5 for the remake.

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rawshack222d ago

What mistake? It's basically a formula that's gets better after each one is made. tell one time a person gets it right first time . Or trying to explain what the game is about the game play style. The frist game was difficult becouse people didn't understand it at the time and the souls style game was a new thing.

lucian229222d ago

For real, I didn't know wtf was happening, evrrytime I died the game got harder and harder and harder. The whole tendency thing was completely unknown to me and I refuse to use guides on my first playthrough of a game.

Really looking forward to going back into this.

I do hope they add new weapons and attacks, similar to how darksouls 3 has so many weapon arts. Also critically hoping for the humans and character creation to get a nice upgrade. Souls games always has some fugly characters, bloodborne did it better and Ds3 wasn't too bad. Just want it to be easy to look decent 😂

MajorLazer222d ago

Demon's Souls was perfect

goldwyncq221d ago

No it wasn't. Game had a lot of issues like the vaguely explained World Tendency concept and magic being extremely OP and unbalanced which aren't present in the Dark Souls games.

Iberius222d ago

I can’t sing enough praises about this game. Those of you who haven’t played it are in for a real treat.

I will say Sony missed a big opportunity with this game. I hope they get From Software to make a second Bloodborne.

Zeke68222d ago

Yes! Bloodborne II: Bloodmoon would be a great game/nightmare to revisit. Spin away on the true ending and we should get a truly horrofying sequel.

BoneMagnus222d ago

I hope they add the ability to rest and travel at the bonfire/stone things - and not have to travel back to the Nexus. Though with faster load times, it may not be bad.

JasonBloodbourne222d ago

I hope not as that defeats the purpose of this game. I hope it’s left as the original was. No bonfires just patience. It was tough but it got easier once you remembered certain things.

lucian229220d ago

Yeaaaaaah idk I think it needs a few updates even though I adored the game

Imortus_san222d ago

The PS3 game was deleoped by FromSoftware, this will be developed by Bluepoint Games.

Zeke68222d ago

Yes, obviously, and what do you mean?

Imortus_san221d ago

FromSoftware games all suffer in frame pace, frame rate, and input lag, so this can be a giant update in gameplay.

RavenTears222d ago

Don't forget that Japan Studio is supervising and co-developing the remake. So I wouldn't worry much since Japan Studio did co-develop original Demon Souls, Bloodborne and even help Bluepoint with Shadow Of Colassus Remake.

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