Star Citizen funding hits $300 million as people buy $4,600 ship packs

Cloud Imperium Games have another Start Citizen funding milestone on their hands, with an unbelievable $300 million sourced from the community, after a particularly successful week at the end of May 2020.

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Godmars29051d ago

$4600 ship packs.

People who have or will buy theses honestly believe that the game will be finished much less released as a retail product?

You have only yourselves to blame.

SamPao50d ago

Seems like they already like what they are getting from the unfinished product.
But man 4k is insane for a virtual ingame item...

UltraNova50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Crowdfunding is in dire need of some form of regulation. People shouldn't be able to spend this amount of money on virtual items.

I know some.of you might get their panties in a bunch just by mentioning the word "regulation" in anything gaming related but common this is getting out of hand. This "whale" phenomenon needs to be stopped before all devs start to deliberately design their games around whale farming.

ChrisW48d ago


The type of people that can drop $4K on a game still in the making are most likely the type of people that can also crash a custom Porsche and immediately buy a new one without batting an eye...

LordoftheCritics50d ago

This all feels like money laundering.

joejoejoe50d ago

It really does. I find it hard to believe that the general public has spent $300 million on this game.

bishup2550d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I haven't been up to date with this mmo lately. But I will say normally any crowd funded project can have exclusive rewards to high spending backers. I've seen rewards go for backers that spend anywhere from 15,000 to $45,000. I believe bloodstain ritual also featured rewards for backers of $250,000.

DerfDerf50d ago

Whether the game launches or not is irrelevant. It's already a more full fledged experience than most games that hit the market. There is an insane amount of content in the current build.

Rocketisleague50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Seems anyone who comments on n4g star citizen articles just have no idea about the game, what's planned, what's been released already, etc

Godmars29050d ago (Edited 50d ago )

*Over $4000 for an in-game asset!*

No one in their right mind should be asking let alone paying for something like that.

If the game is ever completed it both will likely never see the amounts of money its making now, and its graphic engine will be ancient. By most counts Elite Dangerous does most of what it can and there are several more similar titles in development.

The game was too ambitious for its time, has become surrounded by a cult mentality, and if it ever comes out by the time it does will be other titles that will do what it was promised to do.

antikbaka50d ago

this games just live off "whales" and addicts. Just like loot boxes. It's one big scam

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Sciurus_vulgaris51d ago

$4600 for a ship pack, lol. I could spend that amount of money on an Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch and 40-50 games.

RpgSama50d ago

And a great 65" OLED TV with HDMI 2.1 and HDR+

joejoejoe50d ago

And a complete Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround sound system.

rainslacker50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I'd spend a bit more and buy a high quality 4K projector. Then I can watch some Space based UHD's, and probably be more impressed.

Tapani49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I do dig what you say about having a high quality projector, but not convinced you'd find a native 4K chip projector with high quality anywhere near $4000 with hdmi 2.1, good HDR10, and one that is bright enough for everyday use.

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The one's I've been looking at are around $8-10K, and probably another grand for the screen. They'd be true 4K projectors. Epson has a pixel shifting one that is actually 3 1080 projections which mimic 4K, and it can use a 4K signal to do that which is much cheaper, and pretty well rated. That can be had around $1400-2000 depending on which one you get. Unfortunately, due to the price, regardless of which one I eventually decide to get, I'd definately want to see it in person. Not something I want to have to fuss around with returns and stuff. I've been thinking a 65-76" OLED projector might suffice, but I've been trying to get a more impressive home theater for a while.

One thing I really don't know though is how well gaming on the projectors are. I know some can be really good, but I also know that projectors can saturate the colors and pixels, which is fine for movies, but not something you want for games. Best Buy just opened back up, so I may make a trip there soon, but I may just hold out a while until I'm really ready to set all that up properly.

I'm not so worried about the which I assume you mean can be used in a lit room. My room is dark enough for such things, and most of the few I have seen tend to be bright enough in modestly lit rooms.

I'm in no rush. My current LG screen isn't the best. Kind of middle of the road a few years ago. But it gets the job done well enough, and lately, I've been more into better sound quality with my speakers.

BillyG0AT50d ago

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

ChrisW48d ago

It's called "capitalism at it's finest..."

battletrax50d ago

Max out my credit card and I can buy 1 ship pack. Sounds incrediblely expensive

Rather spend that suing these crooks.

RamRod8850d ago

This developer must be rolling in it. Maybe if people stopped funding the game and buying worthless items, the developer would be forced to finally finish it. But because they are still getting money from kickstarters, microtractions, etc., they are taking their sweet time.

rainslacker50d ago

They keep changing what they're making. The original crowd funders never even got what they paid for, instead they're getting this constant revision to the thing they brought into.

They may be OK with that, I won't judge, but the scope of this game keeps growing every year, and that is usually a good sign of poor direction.

Kind of a shame, because I would like to try out this game if it ever releases. I loved Wing Commander, but Roberts seems to be all over the place on what he actually wants to make here.

Godmars29050d ago

Thought it was suppose to be EVE meets Wing Commander.

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