Grand Theft Auto V is Doing a Skyrim

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to next-generation platforms marking the seventh release of the same game.

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PhoenixUp107d ago

Elder Scrolls V isn’t even the game with the most amount of ports. RE4 has had far more rereleases.

I’m not even mad that Rockstar is rereleasing GTAV. They can port the game to any platform they wish(except for Switch for some reason which I find hilarious considering it’s on everything else.) Companies rerelease certain titles all the time, but that’s not the issue here.

What is beyond annoying is that Rockstar doesn’t do anything else. One of the industry’s biggest publishers spent the entirety of a generation focused on GTAO, one other remaster and making one other game new game which is beyond appalling. That’s beyond depressing especially considering their pedigree during the two generations prior. You’d think after LA Noire’s remaster that they’d try to do the same for their other series but nope that seemed to be an outlier.

When you let all your other IPs fall into a dormant state, it makes it that much more egregious when the first thing you reveal for a proper 9th gen system is a rerelease of a 7 year old title. Imagine how much more depressing it’d be if they spent another whole generation just to deliver one game. That’s the kind of thing you’d expect from a developer, but Rockstar as a company is so much larger than just being a developer.

Looper106d ago

Difference is RE4 isn't the last RE title released and didn't cause the developer to make no new entries for an ENTIRE GENERATION!

TrueViper106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

They were busy making Red Ded Redemption.

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V3geta105d ago

"One of the industry’s biggest publishers spent the entirety of a generation focused on GTAO, one other remaster and making one other game new game which is beyond appalling"

GTA V is still in the top 10 game sales every month, and Online makes more $$$ than the majority of new games released. Why would they make something new ? I hate it as much as anyone, but it makes sense business wise.

EDKICK105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


Yes, but it shouldn't be one or the other. You have an insane amount of money, so put a support team on GTAO let it keep making money and put your MULTIPLE other big teams on MULTIPLE other big games.

They apparently have 2,000+ employees as of 2018 and they have made ONE new game since Sept 2013. And with GTA V coming to next gen I wouldn't expect another GTA for a few years and all reports point to that being their next game so.

blvdnights1414105d ago


That is called cannibalizing your product and what I believe to be the one of the main reasons they have not moved on to GTA VI.

EDKICK105d ago


Well except Red Dead 2 didn't cannibalize anything from GTAO, not even Red Dead Online did anything to GTAO numbers so.... And I also never said they had to crank out GTA's, I understand the business sense of waiting on GTA VI with GTA V still selling somehy. I only said that GTA VI is rumored by some to be their next project. But certainly they can work on other things LA Noire 2, Bully 2, Max Payne 4, Red Dead 3, or even a new IP. This notion that a studio of 2,000 should have everything on halt because of GTAO is absurd.

antikbaka105d ago

the funny thing is it's not even available on console release day, but 6 months (up to 1 year) later

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PitbullMonster106d ago

Unbelievable, a whole console generation is over without a new GTA, that is sad. I remember playing gta3, vice City and San Andreas on my ps2.

InKnight7s106d ago

But these 3 didn't make as much money as Shark accounts, we can't blame a company for targeting easy money like Fortnite, COD, FIFA, and GTAO. We must start a big wave that calling for customer awareness, until then we have that "ooh it's my money and I will do anything I want even if it harming indirectly the overall quality of the industry".

EazyC105d ago

Those games are the most devoid of passion/art in the industry. Highly competent, mechanically sound, but ultimately hollow.

V3geta105d ago

Gamers unlimited support for this game is the reason for this.

Zeke68105d ago

Gamers unlimited support for microtransactions you mean?!

TheColbertinator105d ago

Even the PSP games became PS2 ports like GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories.

FlameWater106d ago

Well on the bright side that means more free DLC, new cars and weapons, more garages, life is good

CDbiggen105d ago

Life is fucking shit if that's all GTA is now.

V3geta105d ago

Gaming is a business, and financially speaking, this is the right move to make. Gamers refuse to not only put the game down, but spend millions on it each year. If anyone here who's against this release was in charge of the company, wouldn't you take advantage of this once in a lifetime success ?

CDbiggen105d ago

I haven't bought the game since it released on PS3, so I blame the rest of ya lol. I've done my part.

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