You'll Be Amazed with Demon's Souls PS5 Says Sony

Marketing maestro Eric Lempel believes Sony introduced the “biggest first-party lineup in PlayStation history” during last night’s PlayStation 5 showcase, and one title he’s particularly looking forward to people getting their hands on is the oft-rumoured Demon’s Souls.

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sushimama222d ago

I'm already amazed with the screenshot comparisons. Blown away actually.

naruga221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

...what i get from the trailer is that didnt manage to recapture the atmosphere of the original....though we should wait to see the whole picture ...i m on hold for this one

oasdada221d ago

There are opinions.. and then there's verbial diarrhoea.

Sunny_D221d ago

Yes the original with it’s green Vaseline filter from hardware limitations. No thanks. Loved it back then, will love it even more in 2020-2021.

naruga221d ago

@ oasdada ...ok ... now go wipe yourself clean.because it stinks

bouzebbal221d ago

have no idea why you say this, the original one was actually very shiny, and not dark at all.
this looks like the perfect remake to me.

naruga221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

@ bouzebbal not only the lighting also the art , the colors , the environment ...and other staff like sound that didnt properly appear in the trailer so that s why i m saying i m on hold s obvious that the remake is made from different developper and not From Soft....if you played Sekiro you ill understand how From Software would have handled the remake ...with its distinct visual presantation

waverider221d ago

Did You even played the first?

Hotabang221d ago

I agree with naruga. I think vaatividya, explained what you are trying to point out

gamerben221d ago

I agree with the art direction being MUCH different. Its undeniable, it doesnt feel as dark and scary anymore. It might be good as its own thing though

Jsm89k221d ago

I hate n4g community at times. If you don't fully accept anything Sony you're a blind hater, and it's obvious most people here haven't played the original dms. This is a legitimate concern going around and many people feel this way. N4g is fully of Sony fanboys and will down voted anyone who dares have criticism on anything Sony related. Sony is perfect!

Hungryalpaca221d ago

It looks pretty damn similar to me. Slightly brighter with more realistic lighting but the atmospheres the same.

Dwarrior221d ago

Who cares what anonymous douches on the internet think? You must be a young dude. Like what you like, and fk what anyone else thinks.

anast221d ago

Atmosphere is a "magical" word. I don't suppose you can clarify this?

Lilrizky221d ago

As soon as I saw the first screenshot I screamed DEMON'S SOULS.

Definitely recaptured the spirit

Angrymorgan221d ago didnt capture the original atmosphere of snake either but it's better..

Veneno220d ago

What the blind Sony lovers Don't understand is that Demons Souls is a FROM SOFTWARE game. That means alot. Everything really. If it doesn't have that From atmosphere then it will lose alot of it's heritage.

The problem here is that Sony is asking us to believe them that this is going to be amazing when they had more than every opportunity to show us actual gameplay a few days ago.

I'm sure the game will be great, but because we got so little of it, it's reasonable to ask questions. The show was supposed to be all about gameplay but for Demon's Souls all we got was a trailer, which is the total opposite of what the PlayStation fans wanted from this event.

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camel_toad221d ago

I haven't come across anything saying this is a launch title. Has anyone else? It would make it for me at least the best launch ever.

sushimama221d ago

Me too lol. If this launched with the PS5 it would be the best launch ever. I'm sure we'll find out in the next few months

SierraGuy221d ago

Considering how "important" this game is to shuhei yoshida...I'd say yes it's a ps5 launch title.

Dwarrior221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It's the one game I am looking forward to the most.

NeoGamer232221d ago

I expect Demon Souls to be amazing.

They are taking a PS3 game engine and running on 2 generations later hardware. I expect the massive video and audio improvements. The PS5 should run the game engine in its sleep, and the game should be at least 60 fps in 4K. I don't know why they are even talking 30 fps.

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lodossrage221d ago

If this is true that's great.

In fact, if you played the old demon souls, there was that one state that was actually broken. In this remake, it may not be broken anymore and that will be this new world/ area.

But that's just me assuming.

Movefasta1993221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I would only want the people who worked on demon or any souls borne games to touch that arch stone, all 5 archstones have great varied level design, blue point should stay way away from that archstone if they do not have the talent to make a world on par with the rest of the game, it will stick out like that entire lava section in Dark souls 1 which imo prevented from being the best souls game, let's not encourage a bed of chaos situation.
Assuming some OG devs of from software aren't helping them , I am sure they are.

ocelot07221d ago

Thing is the archstone was completed but cut and was never released. Bluepoint could revive it.

Movefasta1993221d ago

@ocelot if it was completed then that changes things.

Silly gameAr221d ago

Japan Studios helped with Demon's Souls, so I guess the people who worked on Demon's Souls are helping with the remake, minus FromSoftware.

IamTylerDurden1221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I read this earlier on Push Square, but supposedly the game is incredible according to hands on. Sony certainly appears to be confident with it, just like Bloodborne you had Shu introducing the game and saying how proud he was. If this is a PS5 launch, it'll be a monster. Demon's Souls, Spiderman, and Returnal would be enough by itself to justify a decent launch. I'm sure there will be more, and all the 3rd party (non Sony published) exclusives/timed exclusives coming to PS5 willl help, but things are looking great in PS5 land.

AirJohnston221d ago

Demon's Souls has always been my favorite Souls games. So pumped for this

oakshin221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

PS3 game was a first gen game so it ran like crap the emulator isn't much better and alot of people never played it this game needs this remake

Tiqila221d ago

what do you mean "it ran like crap"? Was good on my PS3...

Hungryalpaca221d ago

It has a lot of frame rate issues on ps3. Not blight town bad but it didn’t perform that well. It hovers between 25-30 fps a lot of the time and usually dips when there’s a lot of dust

oakshin221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Frame rate dropped that led to inconsistency in gameplay (half the time a input was in time half it wasn't)

The only first gen PS3 game I remember that was crazy bad was brother at arm's now that you got me thinking about it but yea demon souls deserve this bottom line

Tiqila221d ago

I was amazed with Demon's Souls PS3. Best random buy ever.

crazyCoconuts221d ago

Yea, looking at the PS3 graphics, they looked really good as well. That game and Bloodborne left marks on me. Don't know if I have it in me to return...

Darkborn221d ago

Same. I bought it just because it sounded interesting and it completely changed how I looked at any game from then on. Games like skyrim that I had previously put like 300 hours in, I just couldn't continue playing because the combat didn't feel as tight.

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