Vista problems "grossly overstated" says MS

Microsoft has responded to reports that its new operating system Windows Vista affects the performance of games.

A statement sent to TG Daily, Rich Wickham, director of Games for Windows, said that "the recent claims made about Windows Vista online game compatibility issues have been grossly overstated and in actuality, a fraction of casual games are encountering temporary upgrade issues - a situation we have largely corrected and are committed to fixing within days."

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MattyTM4907d ago

I know someone whos got it and he simply said its horrible, I was going to download it but now im going to wait until they fix it...

I think they arent gorssly overstated, I just think MS released it to soon...

Watapata4906d ago

I've been using Vista Enterprise edition for a couple months now (I got an early crack at the release through the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UIUC) and, though I have to admit it is better now than when I first started using it, the support is simply not there and not one of the games I have play as well on Vista as they do on XP...Things will get better I'm sure, but as of right now there is little to no reason for anyone to upgrade to Vista.

DEIx15x84906d ago

This is the same as XP. Vista is rewritten so it has the same kind of compatibility problems as XP did when it came out. Vista was rewritten to a much deeper level though so the hardware/software compatibility is slightly worse.