The Case Against The Digital-Only PlayStation 5: Backwards Compatibility

This generation represents the final transition from physical to digital, and after nearly 2 decades, it might be time to finally let go.

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toddybad223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I'm assuming that even the Blueray version will dump all data into the SSD so as not to slow the transfer of data, so not sure storage size will make a difference.

bouzebbal223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

as far as BC goes, the digital model will be compatible with PS4 games but the digital ones.
PS Store will be updated to show only PS5 compatible games.
it'll be cheaper, but i'm going for the disc version.. some people almost only play PS+ free games, and digital edition is a good fit for them together with the discounted games on the store.

Berenwulf223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I'm assuming he means that it's easier and faster to delete game and install it again with the disc isntead of downloading the game again?! Not sure though...

The problem is that even if you install a game from the disc you will still have to download the patches that are sometimes well over 10GB...

But the amount of space the use on the PS5 is the same no matter if digital or physical... The game has to be on the hdd otherwise it would be way to slow, this is already the case for the PS4 and the PS5 has the super fast SSD so everything has to be installed on the SSD!

DigitalHope223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

This already happens on PS4. The game is fully installed from the disk and the disk acts as a key or you could install a game on multiple consoles.

Digital or disk it doesn’t matter because it takes the exact same amount of space. How do people not know this?

223d ago
AK91223d ago

Off topic but I lover your username

GOULDYBOBS223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Try trading that in at Game. They wanted rid of the second hand game market. Xbox and Sony both guilty

FyBy223d ago

They offer both ways. If I didnt want ps5 also as br player, I would buy Digital version.

Jsm89k223d ago

Fact is, digital is outperforming physical by a country mile so I'm sure Sony isn't sweating you guys trading.


I guarantee Sony and Microsoft are sweating over their content being re sold without any profit

indysurfn223d ago

Last count digital is 51% with plenty of games being digital only. Thats not by a country mile or a city mile either.(even though they are the same length).

rainslacker222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

By a country mile you mean still hovering around 30% of total software sales? Revenue is greater in digital, but that's because of all the digital add ons, DLC purchases, MT, and software sales combined.

PC is different, but consoles haven't seen as much growth on that front.

FyBy223d ago

I dont understand one thing. Ps4 games are in PS store. If there is Bc, you can simply download game to ps5, right? What is Bc has to do with discs? Does anyone think, that Sony will not allow to simply download ps4 version from store, if you bought it? That would be major disadvantage. I think its complete nonsense.

Teflon02223d ago

They gotta find a way to stir negative press. Like it isn't common sense. DL games for Back compat for the digital version. If you want to play the physical versions you don't get that digital edition console. Vita did it already where only the compatible games show in the store for it specifically. Boom, no issues at all. I'm sure no person using common sense is wondering what's up lol.

Stanjara223d ago

Everything. If you have a game on the disc, you don't own it on psstore.
So if you have 50 ps4 disc games and have all digital ps5 you can't download shit.
You have to buy them again.
Or maybe Sony will do something official to trade your bdisc game for a code.

My collection is all digital.

Vits223d ago

The point was for current PS4 owners with a big physical library. Because unless Sony create a validation method were your physical copy translate into a digital one. Your collection would be "lost". That said. I find it a rather silly take because there is a version with a physical drive available. If Sony had ditched it all together then I would agree with the author. But that is not the case.

A better argument would be that for the sake of preservation. The digital only console is not a good step. However if Sony goes the PC route from here and out (meaning that each new console would run software design for all the previous generations) I also don't think it's big deal.

rainslacker222d ago

I think if you have the disc version, you won't be able to use it with BC on the digital only version. There is no way for them to verify you own the disc. Even if they know you played it at some point, there is no licensing DRM to verify you still own a legal copy.

FyBy222d ago

I understand that. But this is given. Its same like if you own disc on ps4 and Sony create ps4 Digital, you cant play disc version of games. It has nothing to do with Bc. That was my point. Disc versions have diffeferent Skus. Its technically different game. So there is only problem of owning. If you own many disc games, you need to have console with disc reader, thats logical, isnt it?

rainslacker222d ago

SKU is a retail thing. Console systems use a unique identifier, so it's possible to tie digital and physical games evidenced by how MS does it. It's also why digital versions don't have different trophy lists than the physical versions....although if they did, it wouldn't be a bad way to garner some extra sales among trophy hunters....but I digress.

But, yes, it's logical to assume that if someone has a lot of physical games....such as myself....a disc based version of the system would be more appropriate. How Sony handles the BC with it I couldn't say, and it may just install off the disc. X1 uses an emulator wrapper so they have to download the digital version with that wrapper, which is why it's not installed directly from the disc.

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1nsomniac223d ago

The agenda is to force a digital only console next gen. they will all not stop until physical media is gone. They’re going to take a massive hit on the digital version causing it to sell better then push that narrative through the media that physical is no longer needed & of course people will lap it up because they’re being told it’s the norm. It’s what they should be doing.

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan223d ago

Sure dude, and the presenters were CGI and the Earth is flat. It's an option and the first real test as to if people want this or not. Xbox One S did it way too late in the gen but by doing it from the get go, the industry will have a better idea. Steam is all digital and all I can hear is good things about it.

1nsomniac223d ago

If the all digital future smells so much of roses because it’s just an option. People who lack the intelligence of forethought or the ability to see what Is happening in the background. Need to understand the reasoning behind it. I would tell them to look at Nvidia Now. They don’t demand you pay a single penny, they believe if you own the game you should be able to play it wherever you like. It’s the devs, publishers and therefore the industry that wants to force you to buy it again despite you owning it already.

I would say look at how digital codes are evolving. It’s becoming hard linked to consoles now so if you already have that particular game or don’t like it. They don’t want someone to be able to buy that code for cheap off you. Because that code is already a free item. They’re not making a sale from it. They want no option other than to be an RRP purchase from them. Even if it means that free code goes to waste.

I would say what happened to the global response to digital distribution in the claims that we would all see a drop in prices because there would be no manufacturing, production or distribution costs. Yet digital RRP is far higher than physical. Because they control it completely and they are a business that wants as much money as possible and because they control it through digital distribution they can do that!

It’s business capitalism at its finest. They do not want you to be able to have a choice. The only way to do that without backlash is make you make the decision yourself.

rainslacker222d ago

I'd maybe wait until they announce pricing before we start with all the assumptions. Sony is a global brand, and they know there is still a strong market for physical. Even if they are trying to move to digital, they aren't going to give up the physical if it's a good portion of the market. That's a pretty high risk there to go all digital, even if they plans are long term. Who's to say what it would be next gen, but the world still has an internet infrastructure to deal with.

Sol4ris223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Oh look, another hurricane in a tea cup article. I don't see the problem, we have options people, and what's wrong with that?
I commend Sony for doing this!.

Nitrox223d ago

An option to have less options... yay!

I wish more companies would do this. Like a coffee maker that would only work with chipped coffee pods you bought directly from them via subscription. Think of how convenient it would be to not to have to worry about shopping around for sales or cheaper brands... /s

This is what the all digital push is. Single channel monopoly on where your games come from and locked to a single user/console.

I really hope my tinfoil hat is unnecessary, but from a business perspective it feels all too much like the end game.

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