Demon’s Souls Remake for PS5 Reveals Two Modes for Visuals

According to the official PlayStation blog, upcoming PS5 remake Demon's Souls will have two graphics mode options to choose from.

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Obscure_Observer224d ago


Give me 60fps games or at very least resolution and framerates options.

solideagle223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

so "no 60fps" is the new thing to downplay PS5...interesting. very interesting :)

On Topic: I do agree 60fps should be mandatory for most of the games, I said most because Turned Based JRPGs are fine with 30 fps.

kranker223d ago

Options should be mandatory for for every game. I'd rather play at 1080p60 than 4k30. People shouldn't be defending this.

itsmebryan223d ago


The PS4 Pro can do [email protected] no problem. So you are fine with a Next-gen system with the same level of performance? If so why are you going to buy PS5? Why should we defend a next gen system with last gen performance? Pleas explain?

Veneno223d ago


What games have you played at 4k?

NeoGamer232223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Ummmmm. Framerates are always a conversation.

One of the big discussions from the MS show was Assassin's Creed running at 30 fps so no it is not a downplay of the Sony show. It is a discussion about framerates which is often discussed with almost all new games.

Personally, I find 30 fps lame in any game. XBO X and PS4 Pro were both mostly capable of 30 FPS at 4K. If this is what the next gen is offering as well then it is nothing new.

itsmebryan223d ago

When a 3rd party game like ACV chooses 30fps that's different. They are working on multi platform and they have to spread resources. But, when you are a first party in house studio you can spend more time to get the most out of only one system. Plus, extra internal help.

If the frame rate is low now because they are early versions when are they planning on launching?

kranker223d ago

@itsmebrian tlou p2 runs at 30fps for both the base and pro. Not to mention many of the other AAA games on current gen consoles. You clearly are not a proper games if you are defending 30fps being the targeted framerate. Wipe the vaseline from your eyes my friend.

jznrpg223d ago

@kranker you are just one person , I’d rather not play 1080p . I didn’t buy a nice tv to play 1080p, 1440p at least . 30fps is fine with me if there are no drops . They will have options in most games like the Pro I’d bet .

TheRealTedCruz223d ago

Isn't it about time for console gamers to not accept less than 60fps? 60 is always applauded when offered, but 30 is "fine" when the majority of games use it.

It's not. It's actually highly janky, and has a legitimate negative impact on controls, and smearing within visuals.

mandingo223d ago

Welll looks like most of the first party games from Sony are only targeting 30fps to push visuals so good that this has the option.

shauzy222d ago

well i want my jrpgs to be 60fps

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TheSaint222d ago

Still a troll then, I was hoping you might have grown up.

Fishy Fingers224d ago

Quite surpirsed its not 4k 60fps standard.

RazzerRedux224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

It could be 4K/60 just not with RT or some other effects. We don't have any details.

Fishy Fingers224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

"One mode will be focused more on visuals"
"The other mode will be focused more on the gameplay speed"

Did you read? Clearly both arent the same frame rate.

Hakuoro224d ago


I get the feeling he's doing the the pretend to be neutral while actually downplaying thing.

Fishy Fingers223d ago

Haha... Hakuoro. Damn you saw through me.

Dude I'm a grown ass man (been here since 2008), I dont take this s*** that serious, its just computer games. I read the articles that interest me and occasionally comment my opinion on them. There's no agenda, or pretense.

itsmebryan223d ago

My question is why are there 2 modes! This is a 1st party AAA in house studio and they can't get [email protected] out of this games with everything on?

That is not what I expected.

GamingInFrames223d ago

This goes for both Sony and MS... they can't let ray tracing dictate 4K/30. They have to have an on/off mode, because I'd take a 4K/60 (no RT) over 4K/30 all day long.

Babadook7223d ago

We don't know its 60 vs 30. Could be 120 vs 60. Or even 60 vs unlocked, (45ish) which with VRR would be pretty smooth. If it is 60 vs 30 I will likely go with 60 but it all depends on the quality differences. Next gen can make very high quality possible when running at 30 and the screenshots are incredible. What I find hilarious is when xbox guys pretend they are outraged by games they clearly are jealous of.

Michiel1989223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

funny how whenever someone critizes anything about the ps5, people think "he's doing it with a different goal than what hes saying".
1. its criticism
2. critisism is subjective, so theres no need to come up with conspiracy theories, its just someone's opinon/view.
3. be realistic, not everyone will agree 100% with Sony no matter what they do like you, and thats ok.

when someone asks your, hey bro whatsup? what goes through your mind then? do you also think there is something behind that besides that they are interested in whats going on with you?

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RazzerRedux224d ago

"Did you read? Clearly both arent the same frame rate."

Did you? Where did I say both will have the same frame rate? One could be 4k/60 without RT and some effect while the other could be 4K/30 with RT and effects.

Like I said, we don't have details.

Fishy Fingers224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

"Where did I say both will have the same frame rate?"

"It could be 4K/60 just not with RT or some other effects"

There mate. Right there. They make it clear, one mode is visuals, one is frame rate.

Hakuoro223d ago

Well if one mode is 4k60 then that means that 4k60 is standard...

And again as he pointed out no FPS or resolution is listed, the only people talking about resolution are the fake concern xbox fans looking to downplay the game and the console.

itsmebryan223d ago

You said it right here :

"It could be 4K/60 just not with RT or some other effects. We don't have any details.".

You said it would be the same 4k//60 for both modes that is a copy and paste of what you said.

RazzerRedux223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

"You said it would be the same 4k//60 for both modes "

I did not. Already addressed this below. That was a description of one possible mode. We don't know what the different modes will be at all.

"and they can't get [email protected] out of this games with everything on?"

LOL. you are in for a very disappointing console generation if that is what you expect.

Spicyram223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Im pretty sure by now it's clear he cant read

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RazzerRedux224d ago

"It could be 4K/60 just not with RT or some other effects"
"There mate. Right there. They make it clear, one mode is visuals, one is frame rate."

How was it not explicitly clear that the mode I described in the quote was the one focusing on frame rate as it *lacked* "RT or some other effects"? I expected you to figure it out that the alternate mode focusing on visual *with* RT would have reduced frames. Use some common sense, man.

223d ago
Bathyj223d ago

People are out of their minds of they think 4k, 60kps and certainly 4k60fps is ever going to be standard. It's always developers choice where they spend their processing budget. Always.

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The hell? Why do we have to "choose"?
Why isn't 4K/60fps the standard?

I'd understand if this was a multiplatform game, but this is a FIRST party game built from the ground up on the PS5. This has to be some kind of a joke...

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Hakuoro224d ago

It doesn't say anything about resolution or list any frame rate. it just says it has two modes, it could be 4k 60 and 4k 120 for all you know.

But ya know carry on with the mis-infomation downplay.

Rimeskeem224d ago

You are already assuming the game isn't 4K/60

They never once said the resolution scaling would change, they just said the graphics would. This could be like how PC can have different graphical settings. New gen means new options.

ABizzel1224d ago

Removing Raytracing brings back a decent amount of performance, and a lower quality shadow as well without changing the game drastically. From there, the only other change I'd want them to make is Resolution Scaling from 4K.

TheGamez100224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

4k60 is a bit tough for even high end PCs. Well depending on graphics settings of course. Its only a matter of devs giving us the option for better framerate or graphics on console really. Unfortunately I feel many games still wont give us the option just like the current gen...
Sony's first party we all know will prioritize dem graphics.

ABizzel1224d ago

Well the game isn't finished and also it has raytracing, as do other games like Ratchet and Clank, Grand Turismo 7 (which is 60fps, but again cars going around a track).

As I've said before focusing on Native 4K resolution is a waste of these consoles performance, when resolution scaled 4K looks every bit as good and allows for higher framerates. This is going to be a give and take, and most games that push Raytracing will be 30fps titles unless it's limited to specific areas or FOV's, and those without Raytracing can be 60fps games.

Hopefully, Sony is wise enough to do a graphics and a performance mode for every game, because I'd rather have 60fps than a taxing lighting and reflection effect when global illumination offers a highly believable lighting effect as well without nearly the impact on performance.

Father__Merrin223d ago

One of the best rpg coming out for ps5

OzzY-waZZy223d ago

Trying to downplay this game is just going to make you look like a fool. This game of all games..

Saijahn223d ago

Because the hardware can’t handle that...people need to accept this truth finally. The ps5 is a half step up and an ssd isn’t more important than actual power. The tower of lies is falling

sushimama223d ago

It's been in production for many years. When the PS5 Devkit's weren't around. Surely you understand this?

Greg2801223d ago

Bluepoint is not a Sony first party studio though.
Even the original was not made by a first party studio.

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TheGamez100224d ago

If the resoulution mode isnt native 4k, then ill take 1080p60 any day. Really hope most next gen games give us that option. I mean come on with that new cpu, theres no excuse for a 60fps mode.

ABizzel1224d ago

There's no need for 1080p. 1440p is the lowest I see these consoles going, and it's better to simply remove ray tracing, and get closer to the performance they need. I suspect it's Dynamic 4K @ 60fps, with raytracing removed and shadow quality set to normal console levels.

Iberius223d ago

I can see this being the case; however I’m getting the sense the people who expect most or all of the games next gen to be 4K 60 fps are setting themselves up for disappointment.

I am hopeful many games will have frame rate and visual options but I still think we will see many developers pushing graphics over performance.

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