Horizon: Forbidden West Needs to Be Sony's Breath of the Wild

With the official sequel unveiled for PS5, Horizon: Forbidden West seems to be borrowing inspiration from Breath of the Wild's exploration.

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RazzerRedux540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

No it doesn't. It needs to be another great Horizon game like the first. This silly Zelda comparison needs to just end.

"The one clear inspiration from Breath of the Wild has to be from Aloy's traversal, as she's seen climbing a sheer rock face and swimming underwater, each a precarious and dangerous place that Horizon: Zero Dawn never let players explore before."


NecrumOddBoy540d ago

BOTW was an ugly, barren wasteland, empty of life, story, dungeons, and anything that made it feel like Zelda. The climbing mechanics weren't some revolutionary feature either. I don't geget the praise. I beat it with over 100 hours put in. What a carrot on the stick of a letdown. The comparison needs to stop. Horizon was more of a Zelda than BOTW could hope to be.

RazzerRedux540d ago

I gave up after 80 hours. Just wasn't for me. I did like the shrines though. But regardless of my likes and dislikes, BoTW and Horizon are not comparable other than that they came out around the same time and were both open worlds. Other than that, the two have remarkably different goals and styles of game play. Yeah....the comparison is stupid and I don't get why people keep trying.

-Foxtrot540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

It's a good game it's just a terrible Zelda game

Does it have the best boss battles in the main line Zelda games? Nope

Does it have the best dungeons in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it have the same or more enemy variety in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it have the best story in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it have the best final boss in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it have the best collection of memorable NPC's in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it have the best side missions in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it feature some of the best towns and villages in a main line Zelda game? Nope

Does it have the best music in a main line Zelda game? Depends on your taste.

Little details and the like are great but honestly those little details can NO WAY make it that special, revolutionary and put on such a high pedestal. Any other game from Sony, Microsoft or a third party developer would not be saved by a small collection of great little details, we've seen what game journalists can nit pick. I'd personally give it a 7.5 out of 10 myself.

For example that weapon breakage system is terrible and would obviously be talked about in a review yet hardly anyone mentioned it until after they gave it a perfect score, the ones who did just glossed over it. I's a complete different set of standards.

People might think it's fanboy-ish but Horizon Zero Dawn that year was more memorable, it had great character development, a good story, combat, enemy variety, music, atmosphere and at the end of the day it was a refreshing new IP from a studio who's primarily done first person shooters.

Mr Pumblechook540d ago

Hold on a second!...

6th June
Gamerant: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Should 'Steal' Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Best Feature

13th June
Gamerant: Horizon: Forbidden West Needs to Be Sony's Breath of the Wild

OMNlPOTENT540d ago

You literally just compared them after saying the comparison needs to stop. Both excellent games, no need to hate on BOTW to make Horizon sound better. It can hold its own weight without putting down other great games

indysurfn539d ago

Wasteland? That proves you listened to a far cry review. There is a LOT of stuff in the game a LOT for a open world game. What your saying is fanboy drivel. Horizon is a great game so is BOTW. Stop drinking the fanboy coolaide.

DT8Hardcore539d ago

Dam true my friend, been into zelda since the nes and botw was a massive let down, they started going downhill after wind waker

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JesusBuiltmyHotrod540d ago

BOTW invented Swimming and climbing - FallenAngel 2020

rainslacker539d ago

Yeah, I don't need a BOTW, and would prefer it just be Sony's new Horizon game. If I want a BOTW experience, I'll play BOTW, or it's sequel.

Nyxus540d ago

Why can't it be its own thing? I actually enjoyed Horizon more than Breath of the Wild, although both are great games.

Silly gameAr540d ago

SO, it needs to be overrated?

rainslacker539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

No. Just needs to lack character development, a story, interesting characters, a world that feels a live, and most importantly, it needs to lack a plot or any purpose for doing anything within the world that it creates.

Bruh539d ago

Overrated on what regards? The same universal acclaim from reviewers on Metacritic are what many here use to justify the genre defining experiences of TLOU or God of War etc. If you don't use the basis for average critic scores as a basis for how a game is received. Than its utter pointless to ever compare games period

Rimeskeem540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

Ok, first off Horizon came out BEFORE BOTW. Secondly, the games are not similar and use very different mechanics. The only thing similar is the open world.

leemo19540d ago

No it needs to be sequel to HZD 1 and that's it. Why does it need to be BOTW why can't it be its on thing with its own style of game.

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