Sony's PS5 design is 'bold, daring and future facing," PlayStation CEO says

The PlayStation head, in an interview with CNET, discusses the new PS5 design, launch games like Spider-Man, and pre-orders.

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RazzerRedux109d ago

"the design was purposely "bold and daring""

It kind of reminds me of one of those concept designs that people come up with that are always more outlandish than the end result. lol....not this time.

IRetrouk109d ago

It took me a sec when I first seen it, but I really like it, it feels like a next gen console should look to me, if that make sense lol.

RazzerRedux109d ago

Yeah, I agree. Can't wait to see it up close.

ApocalypseShadow109d ago

First thing I thought was, "Woah!" Keanu style.

Then I thought, "This is the future." Like flying cars kind of future. And I think that's what Sony wants to give off. A feeling of next gen gamers expect.

uRaDecepticon109d ago

Oh, so its actually big? I think I'm interested now because I thought it was small and vertical which equated with me as looking like a router...

--Onilink--109d ago (Edited 109d ago )


It is absolutely MASSIVE haha. Certainly didnt look like it at the time of reveal (except the height which based on the controller next to it seemed pretty significant). But now that there are more comparison pictures using the disc drive and usb ports for reference, it is one BIG a** console.

Just as a reference point, it makes the Xbox VCR and PS4 pro look small

rainslacker109d ago

The DS5 is supposedly bigger than the DS4, and the system looks like it's about 3x wider than the controller, so probably about 25% wider than the PS4P. and 50-100% thicker or about as thick as the OGPS3. depth it looks about the same as the PS4, but hard to tell with an angled picture. The one with the disc drive also has that raised part which will make it thicker.

So, yeah, this will probably be a massive console.

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xTonyMontana109d ago

Looks like a router lol.Still, Sony have always had good engineers, they design some damn sexy consoles.

Rimeskeem109d ago

Like, if I saw a router like that, i'd buy it

SyntheticForm109d ago

Yeah, exactly.

All those things that you see in the thumbnails on YouTube - this is that.

But, I really do like it.

Thunder_G0d_Bane109d ago

I'm not even a Sony fanboy but I think this is the best console design in yearssss.

The Xbox on the other hand looks like a shoebox lol

rainslacker109d ago

I think it looks better sitting on its side. To be honest, it looks kind of like something you'd see in a David Cage game, because he seems to like that contemporary futuristic look, which also tends to be fairly simple lines.

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fonger08109d ago

While I like the design (it’s grown on me) I just saw pic of how big it is compared to other consoles including the Xbox Series X... and it’s biiiig. I’m going to have rearrange things in order to fit it into my entertainment space.

xX-oldboy-Xx109d ago

Perfect - about the same size I had in my head, like a High-end UHD player. It'll slot in nicely, or as a tower next to my PC.

Not ideal for some, but behind the TV could work in some scenarios.

--Onilink--109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Yeah, I certainly didnt think at first it was so massive (the height part was easy to notice because of the controller next to it) but it didnt seem that bulky until compared to others side by side.

At least the digital version looks thiner, since ill probably go with that one

joejoejoe109d ago

I really like the design, but it's WAY too big. It looks bigger than my fat PS3. 😟

porkChop109d ago

It actually is bigger than the fat PS3. There's a comparison online where they scaled based on the disc drive and USB ports. It's massive. People were complaining that the SX is so tall, but the PS5 is considerably taller.

You can lay it on its side as well, though the size could make it difficult to fit depending on your setup. It'll work fine for me because I have a pretty open setup, but I'm waiting for the black model.

boing1109d ago

I think size has something to do with the cooling. I'm all for it if that means it'll be whisper quiet.

AzubuFrost109d ago

My biggest gripe is that the console and the accessories will start yellowing after constant use. Don't want to stain the clean whiteness of it. : /

rainslacker109d ago

that's not really an issue with white plastics anymore. That was something caused by the reaction between the bleach colorant and oxidation due to light back with older plastics they used for electronics. Older plastics for electronics were more like PVC material than the polymer structures they use today.

Rude-ro109d ago

What is “way too big” when it’s overall size is half of what a comparable pc would be in size?
Like... are you one of those people that does not live in reality.. or are you one of those people that think reality should exist how you see it?

joejoejoe109d ago

If I wanted another PC next to my TV I'd buy another PC. When I buy a console I expect it to fit where my other consoles are located.

Also, quit being a cunt.

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LamerTamer109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Obviously it was made for vertical orientation. That is a no-go though for any kind of entertainment rack. I really don't care what it looks like though, I just care what the games look like.
So far the games only look like PS4 graphics but in 4K. 4K is diminishing returns and is very power intensive, it is not that noticeable vs checkerboard from normal viewing distance. I kind of wish they would have gone with lower res but more effects. They brag about clank character being raytraced but BFD, only one character is RT? They need more work in separating the game graphics from what we have now, a bump in res won't cut it.

dumahim109d ago

It can be laid flat as well.

porkChop109d ago

Of course it can. But the cooling systems in the PS5 and SX were designed for vertical orientation. They'll work horizontal, but you'll get optimal cooling when it's vertical.

jznrpg109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

@Porkchop that’s not true . There areno vents on the outset shell. Either way the intake is the same standing up or flat .

crazyCoconuts109d ago

I'm sure if they designed it to lay flat they thought of cooling in that configuration @porkchop

xX-oldboy-Xx109d ago

Lamer - If you think any current console is pumping out Ratchet & Clank or Horizon 2, you're seriously mistaken - 4K or not.

rainslacker109d ago

I'm sure it'll be fine on it's side. Sony has revealed every console since the PS2 with a vertical orientation, but none of them actually came with the stand in the box to do so. It just looks cooler for marketing purposes. So long as it has the proper airflow set up, horizontal will be fine. I actually think it looks better horizontal myself.

109d ago
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