All PS5 Game Reveals Reviewed / Sony stashing PS5 games for July/Aug?

Every PlayStation 5 Game Reveal reviewed as well as our thoughts and Final Verdict on the PS5 June Event from Sony.

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xboxcult1199d ago

They might be stashing game announcements that are years out.

1199d ago
xX-oldboy-Xx1199d ago

Of course they are - but you'd be foolish to think Sony showed its hand yesterday.

They'll have another 2 events, a console breakdown before the release date.

This was just the beginning - and what a strong start it was.

RosweeSon1199d ago

Yeah that was the launch period first year or 2 they’ll have another event end of July early August latest with prices and dates etc and a final one before launch no doubt with the games planned for day1 as we all know things like assassins creed, fifa and Cod will be making up the day1 launch fodder. For an initial showing really good, got a bit bored in the middle was very platformer based kid friendly but 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s options. Spider-Man brilliant death loop looks great Resi 8 and gran turismo 7 sold. As for Horzion 😍🤭😜 thing is couple of them are over a year after launch.

dumahim1199d ago

What and when are the other events?

xX-oldboy-Xx1199d ago

RosweeSon - pretty much answered that. You'll have a huge 1st and 3rd party event with console and UI features explained.

Then there'll be the console breakdown.

And likey a launch party/conference to show with press to get actual hands on with console and give their thoughts. Current situation permitting.

medman1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I don't think they're "stashing" game announcements.....not including GTA V, they showed 25 new games. Sony showed some first party exclusives, and 4 MAJOR ones in Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon II Forbidden West (you can also include Sackboy). They also showed 3rd party exclusives (Returnal, Project Athia, etc.) 3rd party timed exclusives (Deathloop, Ghost Wire Tokyo, etc.) and the Demon's Souls remake. They included several big third party titles that will be available on all platforms as well. That's a ton. Showing more games, particularly anything from their first party studios, wouldn't make sense considering most of those would be at least two years away from being ready. They showed plenty. They showed more than enough.

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jBlakeeper1199d ago

Yes surely. God of War 2 for instance. I’m sure that game is well into development but too early to show anything. At least 2 years out.

RosweeSon1199d ago

Yeah defo might see it a bit sooner as it’s no doubt deep into dev as you say but yeah gotta have a bit of extra time with the system to try and start pushing it in a few places sure it’ll be worth the wait.

purple1011199d ago

They got a deep, deep back pocket for sure.

And long sleeves. To pull things out of..

There's about 3-4 blockbuster games. Missing from their show for sure.

Hitman07691199d ago

I hope one is Killzone 5. 🦄

Hitman07691199d ago

@Outside_ofthe_Box I would be totally Kool with that. From what I've heard it's a heavily multiplayer-focused, gritty Killzone 5 with inspiration from Killzone 2. But if it's a full-on Remake like you said I would be good with that too, the game was ahead of its time and ridiculously awesome in so many ways.

xX-oldboy-Xx1199d ago

Hitman - The environmental effects in KZ2 are amazing.The game is very atmospheric, the MP is a blast - hearing the double click when you landed a headshot always brought a smile to my face.

purple1011198d ago


It has to be yes.sir!

Gurilla about 2 years ago massively. Expanded offices. And split team into 3.

Kind of like naughty dog.

So they must have something coming along to all they're not ready to show it as most of the team would have been focusing on tlou2

There's a couple more I'm sure too. But didn't want to give overload of blockbusters obvs... Let the ones they have show get some attention.

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UltimateRacer1199d ago

Agreed Sony have plenty of other big hitters to show off especially Sony Japans Silent Hill reboot.

leejohnson2221199d ago

I would agree many studios now have 2 teams and support from other first party studios seems a fairly common thing.
I mean if I worked as a dev I would love tips from ND or santa Monica etc.
They seem to be connected more than just by the company that owns them. Still wish Sony had offered Amy henning her own studio

waverider1199d ago

They are and they hinted that.

phoenixwing1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I disagree with this guys video at the beginning and stopped listening because of it. he says there were indies so that's bad when it's practically a given to have indies if you have a big showcase for any publisher. you can't magically remove indies from all videos just because you don't like them. I get some people don't like indies and it can become a problem if your show is nothing but indies, however, sony didn't show just only indies. On top of this he says they didn't show everything at once for all the first party games, well duh man what were you expecting for them to just say everything at once and over play their hand? You obviously don't know how marketing/business works. Not only that he says there weren't a lot of release dates which again every trailer had a launch window said for them. It was either 1. holiday 2020 2. early 2021 3. 2021 and 2022. there were release windows you're just looking to nitpick.

to me real gamer is real unrealistic. oh and his claim that there weren't any rpg's shown totally forgets that horizon 2 forbidden west is a rpg

Hitman07691199d ago

@phoenixwing To be honest, you should have kept watching. Everything else was positive in the video, I went over every single game. I didn't say that I thought too many indies were being shown, I said that is a major criticism of OTHER PEOPLE so I was addressing it. Also, Horizon 2 is NOT AN RPG. It's an Open World Action Adventure Game with RPG elements.

Some fans are noticing a lack of Japanese titles, lack of first party titles, and a lack of AAA bangers. That's just me addressing the community's concerns. I actually disagreed with them in the end. But it's all good. Thanks for listening for 30 seconds I guess... peace! LOL

phoenixwing1199d ago

i rewatched the beginning and it still comes off as you saying it and not some opinion of others. maybe i have bad listening capabilities or you're wrong. either way i don't care anymore. i get that you're trying to make a career out of this so don't let me bother you. Also i totally disagree that hzd isn't a rpg. just because it's got action doesn't mean it's not a rpg. as for japanese games you forgot demon's souls. What you could say is that there isn't traditional japanese turn based games and i would agree

jznrpg1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Other people are Xbox fans mostly who won’t buy PS5 anyway

jznrpg1199d ago

Indies doesn’t mean bad quality so I agree with you . Insomniac was an indie developer until Somy bought them. Little Devil was a high quality indie . Not all indies mean 16 bit graphics .

phoenixwing1199d ago

it can be 16 bit graphics it just has to be high quality. children of morta for instance is bit graphics with high detail put into them for some stunning looking gameplay that is fun

hanko141199d ago

i wanna see the back of the console and when are they bringing gaming monitor with hdmi 2.1?

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