Three Console Generations Is Too Much for GTA V

Eight years of GTA V is more than enough. Releasing it for a third time on as many console generations gives the appearance of once again cashing in on one of the most profitable games ever.

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221d ago
FallenAngel1984221d ago

I wouldn’t care how many times Rockstar rereleased this game as long as they released other games

A whole generation and only one new game from such a major publisher is severely disappointing

antikbaka220d ago

GTA online brings them tons of cash. They really don't care about anything else, even RDR2 online support is dead

NeoGamer232220d ago

Actually it is more then a generation. GTA V was released on X360 and PS3 a year before the current generation started.

So, really GTA V on PS4 and XBO was a port a year later.

anonymousfan220d ago

I thought he meant RDR2 by only one new game... Otherwise I agree with you this gen has not seen a single new GTA game

NeoGamer232219d ago

I stand corrected, went to Rockstar's site and saw that the GTA V team was on RDR2 as well.

One game for this last generation.

Kabaneri220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I'm gonna have grey hair by the time GTA6 and Elder Scrolls release.

chrisx220d ago

Lucky you. I already have grey hairs XD

anonymousfan220d ago

Maybe you'll get your own NPC like Skyrim grandma

Jsm89k220d ago

Yeah I was pissed when Sony opened up their show with gta5. I wanted to see next Gen, not last gen(ps3/360) but at least they delivered afterwards.

TheProfessional220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

It is too much, the multiplayer is not THAT good. Rockstar's corporate greed and extreme milking of their in game currency is becoming a problem. They refused to make any kind of single player DLC for GTA and they only make one big game every five or six years now.

Also GTA online still has tons of problems like long load times and how ridiculously difficult it is to start a mission with someone in your party, fix those things before you release it again.

V3geta220d ago

Don't blame the companies, blame the people supporting them with millions of $$$ a year, despite being a 7 year old game.


Well they cant play GTA 6 yet

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The story is too old to be commented.