Xbox Live Gamer Picture and Theme Creator Nick Busby Launches Web Site

Xbox 360 gamers are always on the lookout for unique gamer pictures for their gamer tag identities. With Xbox's expanding lineup of titles, you can find a few rarities nestled among the bunch. Nick Busby is the only name you'll see among the list of game and movie titles in the Xbox Live Marketplace's Themes and Gamer Pictures category.

"Creature Creations" and "Ele'gals" are among the independent artist's Gamer Pics and Themes available for customizing your 360's Dashboard, Gamer Tag and your Gamer Pic. Nick's web site just debuted, where he plans on showcasing his creations and getting feedback from the Xbox Community. He took the time to answer some questions on what it is like creating Gamer Pics and Themes and what is to come.

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