Brand New Nintendo Wii User Guide Released

Yahoo writes: " Wii Guide author Patrik Gisselsson from Zaby Creations just announced a new Nintendo Wii Guide called The Ultimate Wii guide. It's a guide with the intention of helping Wii users quickly setup and enjoy the full potential of Nintendo Wii.

"The popular Wii console is going to find its way to many homes this Christmas and not everyone are happy about spending time searching around for solutions scattered on the internet" says Patrik Gisselsson, author of The Ultimate Wii Guide. Adding that "The Ultimate Wii guide significantly reduces the users time investment on learning how to setup and use Nintendo Wii. Besides the step-by-step setup walk through it also teaches you ways of using the console that many don't know about." he is confident that the guide will be a must have among new Nintendo Wii users."

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