Kingdom Hearts II Is Where the Franchise Turned...Weird

Kingdom Hearts II may have been great on its own, but it's the starting point for many trends that continue to plague the franchise.

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AK91137d ago

Unpopular opinion it isn’t where the franchise turned weird it’s were it turned bad, KH1 although not as smooth as KH2 was still a difficult and challenging game not to mention Sora actually had a brain then they turned him into a one dimensional emotional anime protag.

OMNlPOTENT137d ago

I mean I disagree and I believe KH2 was easily the best game in the series, while several other games that followed were also great. I do agree that I hate how they turned Sora into a one dimensional character. I miss when all the characters had some huge part in the story and they all meant something. I feel like the story really started to decline from 2 onward, but the gameplay kept improving.