Sony games chief says PlayStation 5 offers a paradigm shift

Sony's gaming chief says fast loading times, 3D audio and a new controller will all enhance play.

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Kurisu104d ago

Can't wait to play a game with the DualSense for the first time. It looks a lot more comfortable than the DualShock 4, which was a vast improvement over the DualShock 3 in terms of comfort anyway. The haptics and 3D audio should really add to the immersion. I'll never forget how disappointed I was when Sony removed rumble completely for the PS3's original SixAxis. MotorStorm felt so flat.

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u-bEttA-rUn104d ago

What about when he was shooting his gun jumping between portals and killing enemies was that scripted too? of course not LOL

Bigman4k104d ago

The probably is will you be able to get a PS5 console day1 because everybody including myself gonna try and buy one as soon as preorders go Live

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NeoGamer232104d ago

Sony brought a lot of great games to the show for sure. And I can see the fast SSD really adds to games. There are a lot of new opportunities for games this generation!

R&C was a very impressive showing of those new features.

stuna1104d ago

Yeah, the jumping between dimensions showed off the benefits of Sonys SSD right off the rip! It was literally seamless.

CaptainCook104d ago

R&C still had loading screen for each level.

NeoGamer232104d ago

That is picking at straws...

CrimsonWing69104d ago

You impressed the hell out of me with that show! Well done Sony.

Kerrian104d ago

Sony IS a paradigm shift.

The show was simply unreal. It was pure fan service.

Wontime1104d ago

Im somewhat let down. There was nothing in that show that made me think wow the PS5 is here. Future of gaming. Besides the console which looks real cool. Spider-Man is just an expansion which could be available for PS4. GTA online? A ps3 game making a highlight? Horizon will not come till 2022-2023. Ratchet and clank looked good but you could have told me it was for PS4 and I would have believed it.

Sunny_D104d ago

That inter dimensional travel in R&C or him pulling the entire scene towards him with the grapple would not be possible on PS4. Also it has Ray Tracing which PS4 would NOT be able to do. I’m pretty sure they might increase swing speed for Miles Morales so that is the benefit of the SSD and some other benefits we haven’t seen yet.

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Sunny_D104d ago


I thought Clank was just one of the things he wanted to mention to keep it short and simple. Some of the particle effects on the boat looked really good, maybe those are ray traced too?

Hakuoro104d ago (Edited 104d ago )


Wait now, let's not twist words around. That was the only thing they mentioned had RT, that is 100% not the same thing as saying it's the only thing that has RT.

And again regardless of which console you get (and I am not saying this out of bias I promise) RT's implementation is going to be very limited. Your going to see it mostly in things like cut scenes or limited implementations like on Clank.

RT buckles hardware, you have games using RTX cards that with out RT play games at 4k with 100+ FPS on ultra that buckle down to 1440p and sub 60 FPS with RT on.

It's an incredibly resource inefficient solution, seriously there are lighting techniques that look just as good if not better that use a fraction of the resources. I really hope next gen isn't about shoving RT into everything just to say it has RT on the box if there are better solutions. Game play before marketing please.

Starman69104d ago

Even 4k you tube isn't as good as the real thing... Never judge graphics on you tube clips. No matter what the resolution 👍

Sunny_D104d ago

I go to Vimeo for instances like 4k

TKCMuzzer104d ago

If you watch R&C in 4K and know anything about reflections, particle effects etc etc you would instantly know this can not be done on PS4. How can people look for next gen differences when they don’t know what their looking for in the first place?
This is when Sony talks about the next gen experience, they mean experience, not just how pretty something looks.

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