Q&A: D3 - Not Just A Simple Company?

Japanese-headquartered D3 Publisher has been operating in the U.S. for just over a year now, publishing titles such as Flushed Away, Naruto: Clash Of Ninja and Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, so we thought it was an opportune time to catch up with them and see how things have progressed.

In Japan, D3 is best known for its multitude budget titles in the Simple 2000 (and other related) series, but has recently turned to higher-budget titles. In fact, D3 in the U.S. wants to be known primarily for high production values from the get-go, as we learned in our interview with them last year.

At a recent event put on by the company, we interviewed VP of marketing Alison Quirion, about D3's current and future plans, why they allow developers such as Digital Extremes to keep their IP, and why the budget market isn't taking off in the U.S.

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