Talking About Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Kotaku writes: "If you happen to be in Denver tomorrow, around noonish, and have nothing to do, you might want to swing by the Denver Film Festival.

I'll be speaking on a panel about the relationship of video games and real world violence with Columbine Super Massacre RPG creator Danny Ledonne and occasional Kotaku contributor Bob Denerstein.

Ledonne and I have a long history: I was the first person to speak with him on the record, for the Rocky Mountain News, later I interviewed him about the Dawson shooting and then broke the news of his game being pulled from the Slamdance Game Festival. While Ledonne and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, I've always found his take on things thoughtful and interesting. So the discussion should be as well."

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Slinger4203830d ago

Someone should shoot the game creator's entire family execution style and then make a video game of it and see how he likes it