Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guarantees The PS5’s Launch Success

There is an insane amount of energy and excitement building around the next chapter in Marvel’s Spider-Man and it is going to shift an incredible amount of PlayStation 5’s this holiday season.

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isarai109d ago

the fact that THIS is their launch title is just amazing, i really hope they can secure that window without delaying it or shipping it broken. given insomniacs track record i'd say that's unlikely, but it just seems so awesome i can't help but feel it may be too good to be true. UGH!!! this just made the rest of this year so agonizing to wait through!!.

lifeisgamesok109d ago

It's a great strategy releasing this game at launch it's going to sell so many PS5's

ABizzel1109d ago

Agreed this is going to be huge for them this holiday, and they were incredibly wise to do this.

InLikeFlint109d ago

Spider-man has been my absolute favourite game of the PlayStation 4 generation. I'll be absolutely thrilled if I get the chance to play the Miles Molares game in time for Crimbo, along with a snazzy set of those 3d pulse headphones. Very happy chappy with the Sony presentation. The Ratchet game looks incredible. New Horizon game also has me very excited.

FallenAngel1984109d ago

Haven’t had an Insomniac title launch a PlayStation system since Resistance

KingofGambling108d ago

I love the Resistance series.

Spurg109d ago

Is it Spiderman + Miles Morales or just the expansion on its own.
The fact that its is not a full game is quite disappointing.
So much for "PS5 will have exclusive on launch". It's pretty much the same as series X where real exclusives will be ready by 2022.

Scissorman82109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Miles Morales is a full standalone game and is PS5 exclusive at launch:

Atom666109d ago

What I'm still confused about is the "like Lost Legacy" part. I've played through LL 3 times now, and still don't think I topped more than 30 hours total.

If its standalone 15-20 hours (without more gang hideouts, street crimes, science experiment side missions) than awesome.

If it's seriously a LL or First Light style expansion, than I think the response isn't going to be great. It'll sell a sh** load either way, but I'm cool waiting to learn more before getting too hyped.

joejoejoe109d ago

That's not what the video said. The video specifically mentioned it being a remaster and an expansion, which implies it's the full base game plus Miles Morales as extra content.

blackblades109d ago

Standalone like lost legacy and first light, stop spinning it around before you hurt yourself.

sushimama109d ago

Dude it's a full game made for the PS5. Obviously the city was already made, but you know what I'm talking about. It won't be on the PS4

Christopher109d ago

It is a full game.

By your logic, are short games not full games anymore?

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Ratchet75109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Please just go and buy an XSX already.

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telekineticmantis109d ago

Who are those enemies, gives off a different vibe from the usual enemies.

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The story is too old to be commented.