XSEED: How An 11-Man Firm Plants Japanese Hits In US Soil

Imagine for a moment if there were a publisher actively looking for those awesome Japanese titles that never make it to the US. Imagine if you could suggest such a game to them, and have them actually consider it in earnest.

Their name is XSEED Games. They have only 11 employees. They answer all their email. And with the former president of Square Enix USA signing their deals and the former president of Sega of Japan funding their efforts, they currently localize their games in-house.

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ahnonamis3835d ago

That's awesome seeing a company that listens to the gamers AND takes the time to actually read and reply to email. Of course, if they were as big as say, EA, I doubt they could do that...

On one hand I want them to get bigger to have more success... On the other I want them to stay small so they can keep being so cool...

GameCyteSean3835d ago

But I hope they get big enough to negotiate with companies like Square Enix to bring over those titles we care about... the titles that made them want to start this company in the first place.

Nanashi no Geemu would be perfect for the US, IMHO. Who's with me?

SaiyanFury3834d ago

XSEED is based in Hawai'i and they rock. I've had emails answered very promptly and they've always given me answers to any question I had. Thank God for them localizing the Wild ARMs games. One of my favourite series' from the original PS that Sony themselves refused to being over. Thanks to XSEED, I can play WA4 and 5 and hopefully the games beyond. Good job boys, keep up the good work.

thereapersson3835d ago

I'm glad to see that someone is giving them the recognition they deserve.

FantasyStar3834d ago

Aw for a second there, I thought this was Clover Studios REBIRTH.

*dammit it all*

riksweeney3834d ago

Me too.

Damn it, Clover, where the hell are you?!

SolidSnake933834d ago

Get the Yakuzas out at the same time as their Japanese counterparts. On Topic: Well done.