The Time Is Right For Microsoft And Nintendo To Get Comfier With One Another

NL: “Forgive us for going back over old ground we've already covered, but could Microsoft and Nintendo please just stop flirting with one another and hook up?”

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Hakuoro54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Here we go with all the sites writing biased articles that highlight Microsoft's features in detail and then gloss over skip completely or mislead about Sony offerings.

PSNow no mention of the fact that it offers over 900 games or that nearly twice as many games can be downloaded over gamepass instead trying to label it as a unpopular streaming service. Also no mention of the fact that it's cheaper and allows you to play PSNow games without PS+.

The SSD of course they mention the size difference but don't even mention the fact that the PS5 SSD is twice as fast.

All positive verbiage about SX looks and all negative or neutral verbiage about PS5's looks.

I could easily continue to nit pick but I think the point is made.

Everything is written glass half full for Microsoft and glass half empty for Sony. But of course no one mention that maybe money is involved in anyway in how these articles get presented.

Hakuoro54d ago

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FallenAngel198448m ago

Hakuoro54d ago

None of that is even relevant to the article.

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FallenAngel198448m ago

He changed the entire article after I made this post.

Atom66654d ago (Edited 54d ago )

None of that is even relevant to the article.

The reason MS's features are "highlighted" is because the entire premise here is MS's push to expand to PC and even the Switch itself already.

What does Sony's SSD or PS Now have to do with that? If you look at the tags chosen here, it's an article about Nintendo and Xbox. Somehow they should have focused on the number of downloadable games on PS Now?

Zeref52d ago

PSNow sucks that's why. Why do you think GamePass has more subscribers?

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Zodiac54d ago

No, Nintendo is doing fine. Unless they really want to offer MS titles on Switch or help Nintendo with their online infrastructure, MS could learn a bit from Nintendo. Also this is just more console war bs.

ApocalypseShadow54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Bull $#!+ narrative.

Minecraft, Ori and Cuphead were released on Switch. Banjo Kazooie added in Smash Brothers. Now, listen up and don't blink.

"How many games or characters have Nintendo added or released for Xbox?"

Being friendly is one thing. Only Nintendo isn't about undermining Its own business. They'll let Microsoft undermine **THEIRS** by letting them act like a 3rd party publisher. Nintendo won't be doing the same. Those games only helped increase Switch sales. But even then, if those games weren't released on Switch, the system would be selling anyway without Microsoft's games.

We've seen this tried during Wii. With Microsoft trying to use Wii against PS3 sales. And who win the generation? Nintendo. Who came in second? Sony.

Ridiculous idea article writer unless you are hoping to use Microsoft some more for Nintendo's benefit. Besides the Puff Piece material for Microsoft in the article.

Sciurus_vulgaris54d ago

Phil Spencer and stated that they will be releasing Microsoft studios titles (except Minecraft) will be Xbox and Windows PC go forward. Phil admitted releasing Ori on switch caused confusion.
-Minecraft has always been multi-platform
-Cuphead is not owned by Microsoft
- Ori and the Blind Forest seemed to be released on the only to promote its follow-up
- Banjo and Kazooie was licensed for inclusion in Smash in the same way guest characters from Konami, Capcom, Square-Enix and Sega are.

Microsoft already has partnership with Sony and Nintendo due to Minecraft, software licensing and cloud computing.

AK9153d ago

*Sony and Nintendo to get comfier with one another

Fixed it for you.

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