Today's PS5 Reveal Falls Just Short of the Greatness of Its E3 2015 Presentation

Sony was ready, but it didn't quite hit the historic high note of E3 2015.

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blackblades55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Who cares.

TheGamez10055d ago (Edited 55d ago )

An overall good show. Stream was low quality which was a smh. The big games were what we expected and yea they did look great but many of the 3rd party and indies were a bore. Surprised cod 2020 didnt show up. Wish demons souls, spiderman and horizen showed actual gameplay or were demo'd...
And what is up with sony not showing us 60fps? Lol. Console looks good and oof, a digital version.

ApocalypseShadow55d ago

One of the problems of gaming is like this post above. Downplaying the smaller developers expecting every game to be AAA. Indie developers deserve a chance to one day become a AAA developer. And they should be encouraged. Some Indie developers are actually better than some AAA developers now. They aren't constrained by pleasing executives. They take more risks. And can be instantly fun games.

The reason why they were shown and I was actually fine with it, was because it represents what Sony is known for: a variety of games, a variety of genres, for a variety of consumers spread worldwide. I seen other reaction videos and you could see some of these idiots becoming bored when a AAA games wasn't shown. It's ridiculous. It's also like saying 3rd parties are a bore as all. That's not right either. Not everyone plays AAA games or are old enough to play.

Second, remember this?

Do you remember that we're in the middle of a PANDEMIC? You know, the "kill people virus running amuck" PANDEMIC? Sony probably limited the stream to not take up bandwidth. And since not everyone has 4K TVs or devices to stream it, it made sense to let those that could watch or download, do it later.

blackblades54d ago

Agree dont know why you getting disagrees, also they are not real gamers and look he said COD.

rainslacker54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I felt they kept each of the indie games short enough that it didn't feel like it dragged on. The only exception was the one where it looked interesting at first then they just showed a ship travelling around on some landscapes. I can't even remember the name....but had the days being counted.

The rest, I wasn't interested in them all, but they had some charm to them, and not being 10 minute trailers or game play showings made it so I didn't get bored.

Everything else I actually enjoyed, and I really don't get the people that say they were bored with almost all of it. There were quite a lot of AAA games shown, as well as some mid-tiers that made it worthwhile.

If this had been an E3 show, it would have had a good amount of respect, because most E3 shows don't show this many 1st party high profile games, along with some high profile 3rd party games as well.

I don't think this show was as good as Sony's E3 2015, but it was still a good show.

Si-Fly54d ago

I throughly the Indies were the most exciting part, looked fantastic!!

Looper55d ago

What's more than whelmed but less than overwhelmed? That's how I felt.
I actually feel like they'd have had a better show if they'd cut out all the indies except Kena. It would have been a shorter show but an awesome one.

I found myself wishing I could skip forward way too many times. Oh and the PS buttons clips between each game were excessive.

I'd give the show a solid B+.

AngelicIceDiamond55d ago

Lmao ok what more do y'all want? We're lucky they even showed HZD sequel Ratchet & Clank, Spider Man Miles Morales. If you fantasy book these reveals you're always be disappointed. Sony's showcase was great. It was masterfully paced with giving each game it's time with gameplay.

I hope the writer realizes That was 2 years after the PS4 released. Of course Sony will get the ball rolling after a few years. IMO despite the controversy the PS5's showcase was much better than their E3 2013 in terms of games.

GaboonViper54d ago

I wish we had more Xbox fans like you on here, respect.

Rimeskeem54d ago

Alternative title: PS5 Reveal is one of Sony's best

I like these clickbait titles lmao

rainslacker54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Didn't the PS4 reveal have KZ and Knack, and some other game I can't remember.

As far as first showings go for games, this one was pretty far up there in terms of games shown. This would have been a solid show even at E3 a couple years into the gen.

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