New Star Citizen Video Shows Predators & New Locations as Crowdfunding Passes $298 Million

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new video showing upcoming features coming to the game in the future.

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esherwood52d ago

Man you would think all th people interested would have already put money up yet they keep on getting more

no_more_heroes52d ago

how long has this been in development now?

I_am_Batman52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

But seriously: It's been 9 years. They've taken long enough for a console port to be technically feasible even though Roberts said he didn't want to scale down his vision for a console port. Now it's gotten to the point that he wouldn't even have to compromise it anymore and soon other game-devs could use more efficient tools to create a similar thing in much less time. It seems like time is running out for this game to make a huge impact.

Here is what John Carmack has to say on that topic of perfectionism:

I feel like any game dev should listen to this and understand why being overly perfectionistic can be detrimental in the long run.

Michiel198952d ago

well there is a bit more to it. I also think what they are doing is ridiculous, but a console port brings quite some issues along. THe whole premise of the game is that it has good graphics and that it looks cool, from what I heard it is very demanding power wise, so I doubt current gen can run it. 2nd, putting it on console means every patch you make to the game needs to be verified by the console maker, so each time they add a ship or make a patch etc etc, they will have to go through that process. (since its sitll in early acces/beta or whatever its called nowadays)

I_am_Batman51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@Michael1989: I'm talking about a port to next-gen consoles. The nine year dev time wouldn't really be relevant if a current gen port would be realistic. My comment was just about the technical aspect of it not necessarily whether it's practical or not to port it.

I highly doubt they'll even consider a console port, considering the game was entirely funded by PC gamers. The potential backlash could be enourmous if they announced a console port.