Horizon Forbidden West Announced With New Trailer

Guerrilla Games announced the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn and it's titled Horizon Forbidden West! Here's the debut trailer.

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UltraNova408d ago

The most visual striking game ever made BAR NONE!

darthv72408d ago

it does look breathtaking. And what about that console???? both disc and digital versions.

408d ago
ABizzel1408d ago

Game of the show. It was the first game to truly show next-gen to me, just knowing how huge this world will be, the diversity of the world, the wildlife and machines. Here's hoping to being able to ride / fly / swim all machines.

bouzebbal408d ago

Yes!! Too much that I'm running out of words.. Thank you Sony for making is dream in these tough times

Jin_Sakai408d ago

This is next gen. Amazing! Guerrilla games are on another level.


Could you direct me to the next gen part please?

408d ago
bouzebbal408d ago


No need to watch the video just see how Aloy looks while drawing the bow.. Unreal!!!

morganfell408d ago

Talk about walking on clouds. GG are just starting to realize their own talent. Absolutely amazing.

ABizzel1408d ago


If you mean graphically, then those of us with PC games have been saying games won't look drastically better than current-gen if they focus on 4K resolution.

That being said what's next-gen, the scale and graphic fidelity of the game world looks as good if not better than Red Dead on PC, which is one of the most demanding games on PC at max settings, the environments are hugely diverse, the wildlife both machine and biological is hugely diverse which is a challenge for most games when it comes to varying enemy types. The grass is insanely dense and detailed, Ghost of Tsushima has amazing look grass and Horizon FW blew it away. The framerate can also be a huge upgrade as well. I'm assuming this is aiming for Native 4K @ 30fps, but they better have a performance mode that has RS 4K @ 60fps.

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UnSelf408d ago

A+ today Sony. A freaking plus

Ratchet75408d ago

Even indy games looked amazing on that show.

StormSnooper407d ago

Yes, the one that really surprised me was that game called Kuno? I think it was Kuno... but man when the two brothers introduced it, I was like this will be a small indie, but boy that game’s graphics were intense. Did not expect that. Very interesting art design too.

-Foxtrot408d ago

Sony have really f******* out done themselves with this show.

ClayRules2012408d ago

Yes, they truly did, Fox. And that the look of it.

badz149408d ago

they have outdone EVERYBODY!

rainslacker408d ago

This game topped off the show for me. Was so impressed it almost brought a tear to my eye. Thought it might be an Uncharted game at first because they had some of those UC instruments in it, but was happier to see Horizon. Thought it was a nice touch the flying dinos had solar panels for wings.

bouzebbal408d ago

Now take a look at series x.. Honesty, incarnation of boredom and sadness.. Gonna take it a long time to recover from today's show... A really long time

StormSnooper407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

I think most would agree that Sony blew MS ‘s conference out of the water.

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TheScotsman408d ago

A great show with what we wanted. And I agree a console design to die for wow

NeoGamer232408d ago

I don't know....

GT and Project Athia looked pretty amazing to me!

(But, yes, this looks amazing too - But no release date)

Minute Man 721408d ago

I still need to play HDZ. Might wait for the PS5 to play them back to back

StormSnooper407d ago

You still have time. I would say play it now.

lelo2play408d ago

This game was the best game shown by Sony on today's conference. The rest of the conference was kind of meh.

RazzerRedux407d ago

"kind of meh"

Wow....coming from you that means they must have looked pretty awesome.

WGAF408d ago

Dont know, it looks like Anthem. I didn't see any games so far with same graphic fidelity as that U5 demo recently.

Muzikguy408d ago

I can't wait to play this on the PS5 and with my "new" 4K TV. I may just play the original as well again before it. I didn't have a 4K TV at the time and don't have a Pro either. That game looked amazing too

407d ago
Aussieguy407d ago

I must need glasses or was expecting more, because its a new generation and was hoping maybe we were nearing more lifelike graphics by now

FernDiggidy407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

GOW would like to have a word.

Edit. You might be right. I hope it looks like that day one.

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Majin-vegeta408d ago

Ahhh yes!!Game looks good.Ability to swim

Relientk77408d ago

I'm insanely hyped for underwater exploration!

Ratchet75408d ago

Thanks to the SSD, underwater won't be her only plane of exploration.

Sunny_D407d ago

That was a lot of flying animals and machines in the trailer weren’t there?

solideagle408d ago

OMG was my reaction. HZD was my first platinum game. I wish they would have shown a little bit of gameplay as well but I am pretty sure they will show it in the coming months. is this a launch title?

medman408d ago

No, not a launch title.

MADGameR407d ago

That underwater segment was gameplay

Relientk77408d ago

Ok well they showed Horizon 2, so I have to buy a PS5 now. Geez, it looks so good and so beautiful.

Gardenia408d ago

Underwater ruins, flying mounts, robot mammoths, fuck yes!

Relientk77408d ago

Yes! I loved the giant turtle too

Sunny_D407d ago

They showed flying mounts?

AzubuFrost408d ago

Is nobody going to point out how they ripped off lord of the rings with that elephant scene?

407d ago
solideagle408d ago

Imagine GOW 2/6 on PS5 :D

GaboonViper408d ago

Its so beautiful i'm f**king crying.

ClayRules2012408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

When Guerrilla said “You’re not ready for this” last year about the visuals for HZD2 on PS5 I couldn’t imagine. Well, they weren’t freaking lying... I’ve always said HZD was the closest game to capture “Avatar” James Cameron’s film like visuals. It was truly stunning. And now, this is on A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. TRULY. I’ve never seen such beauty from a game before.

GaboonViper408d ago

A mammoth Bro, a freaking mammoth machine, OMG.

OtterX408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

The hell with Avatar, Mr Cameron! You've been outdone! I already found myself watching less movies this gen bc of games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War etc. I prefer to live out great stories and experiences than passively watch. I think games have finally hit film quality in this next gen.

ClayRules2012408d ago

I hear you. I love movies, but gaming experiences are just more amazing experiences “in my opinion”

I’ve mentioned Avatar because of how colorful, gorgeous and unique that film looked/looks. I remember some saying consoles wouldn’t reach those kinda visuals for another 20 years or so. To me HZD delivered something as visually striking as that film (of course not on the same level) but it doesn’t matter. The dense foliage, lighting system, and just world all displayed this others worldy look that just hasn’t been achieved before.

And yeah, game worlds (especially this generation have truly mesmerized and blown me away visually and just with the characters in those worlds themselves. And HZD2 looks to be delivering another unique, engaging and visually stunning experience.

I agree, I think games have hit film quality for this next gen too

ClayRules2012408d ago

OMGOSH, I know. That freaking mammoth has me scared and excited at the same time. I don’t wanna fight it lol.

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