Astrobot Follow-Up, Astro's Playroom, Comes Pre-Loaded on PS5

During the PS5 Future of Gaming reveal event today, Team Asobi and Japan Studio, announced that Astro's Playroom will be coming to the P55.

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ApocalypseShadow1081d ago

Astrobot, Sack boy and Ratchet. Platforming team up.

Rimeskeem1081d ago

This, Sack Boy, and Ratchet really tell me that Sony is in the Platforming genre. Also, the smaller games they showed still looked amazing. Props to sony, wonderful show.

ApocalypseShadow1081d ago

Yup. I want to eat some bugs and see what turn into some BBQ ribs.

caddytrek1081d ago

No, no no, Sony doesn't care about indies anymore....

Lore1081d ago

Platformers are also far easier and quicker to make

Rimeskeem1081d ago

I ain't complaining. Platformers are fun and the best ones have good story and mechanics that make you think how to do things. You can't just make a platformer be jumping from thing to another anymore. Gotta be some cooler traversal. Ratchet and Clanks new rift stuff looks awesome, Sackboy is a 4 player coop platforming game which I can't remember the last one i played. Astrobot looks like a lot of mini games stuff which is reminds me of wii sports.

GTgamer1081d ago

Yeah it's built to demonstrate all features of the Daulsense

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