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Resistance 2 is every bit the product of Resistance: Fall of Man's mentality: it's OK to do things by the numbers so long as those numbers are bigger than everyone else's.

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ngg123453835d ago

Sigh... This hasn't been tallied up in the average score. There is no reason to abuse the system like this. This here shows not only the score but also the article, and what they wrote about the game. This is news worthy.

barom3835d ago

Same guys that gave Halo 3 a 10/10 and Bioshock 8/10.

Alvadr3835d ago

These guys talk like they deserve credibility and their opinion matters more than anyone elses because they have been around for a while.

Well that may be true, but they gave Left for dead a 9 in the same issue.... WTF!!!!!! Credibility out the window!

Every other site has given RE2 a 9-10, even the odd 8. So every other reviewer is wrong and edge is right, sorry I dont buy it.

thor3835d ago

They have expanded on their section from their Magazine review regarding the online, I think.

But it still barely gets a mention.

Their main complaint(!!) is that they've focused on bringing us more players, more content and bigger enemies!

"Not just bullets, either, but the wild range of beams, fireballs and energy pellets that make fighting the Chimera such a chore."

So basically it's a chore to fight the Chimera because they shoot back at you. No wonder they liked L4D more than this game...

Their only valid concerns are that Hale can only carry 2 weapons, and that the AI isn't great. But is that reason to give the game a 6? Are they ignoring the online on purpose?

The co-op, which I've heard is the best part of R2, gets called "Partially Successful". Edge go into NO detail in the shooting mechanics or fun of the game, and seem to focus only on the negative.

You can't say that if they give a 6/10 they are necessarily fanboys, but when pretty much everyone else loves this game, and it's sitting on a 8.9 average score, you have to suspect it.

Socom3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"damn if I give this game a 9.5, it will rise. But if I hand it a 6, it will take 3 more 9.5s until it hits meta 9."

So by giving it a 6, they think that they put the final nail in the coffin so that Resistance 2 will never hit the meta 9. As if Triple A is determined by 0.1s of scores...

Hahaha fanboy tactics at the worst. Edge is insignificant and noone ever read Edge again.

R2 is not yet out in Europe, but I guarantee you, day one for me and my friends. The status of shooters goes like this:

Resistance 2> CoD WAW > Left4Dead PC > Gears of War 2> Left4Dead 360

thor3835d ago

No we knew ages ago that they'd given it a 6/10 - the online review is a slightly edited version of the review in their Magazine.

Most of Edge's scores were a joke in that issue - 6/10 for CoD:WaW, games like Quantum of Solace getting 5/10 - but that's nearly the same score as R2, other games getting better than R2 which were also ridiculous.

Then they had the cheek to give L4D a 9/10 - which is fine in and of itself, but when you give R2 a 6/10 which has a similar (and yet deeper) co-op mode as just one part of the entire package, it screams bias.

Sarcasm3835d ago

I am not bothered that whoever wrote this gave the game a 6 out of 10.

I'm much more bothered by the fact it's barely 8 paragraphs.

Bleem3603835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

with their review scores, always have been and always will be.

No amount of complaints from the community will ever change that.

It's not just PS3 titles that get it in the neck, Mass Effect for example - considered by many to be one of the best titles on the 360. What did they have to say about that?


Mass Effect is still enjoyable enough to warrant 24 hours of play (completion with sub-missions), and the stops it makes en route are visually stunning. It just doesn’t find what it goes looking for: the myth and exotica to accurately follow Star Wars. [Christmas 2007, p.86]

[Edit] Taken from metacritic, where most scores for Mass Effect are either 100 or 90's - like wise for R2's metacritic page.

You guys really shouldn't be reading too much in to this - it's fairly common and no sign of bias intented.

SolidSnake933835d ago

Fanboys, when will they stop.

badz1493835d ago

from one of the most horrible reviewer around! 6 is not an indicator of fanboyism but in this case it's rather an indicator of DUMBNESS!!

EastCoastSB3835d ago


That was probably the worst review I've ever read. It should even be categorized as an article, much less a review.

AnSteRiX3835d ago

even after reading this review if people think its better comparing it with Gears Of War 2 then they can roll over and die!!

gaffyh3835d ago

I don't understand this score, Edge must be retarded or something. If they gave Halo 3 10/10 it must be because of the multiplayer, and I can only see the reason for them giving 8/10 to Bioshock because there is no multiplayer.

So how the f*** does R2 deserve such a low score? The online is better than the last game, plus there is co-op, the graphics are much better and the single-player is pretty good. The only reason I can see is that these guys are xbox fanboys/halo fanboys.

TheSadTruth3835d ago

"No we knew ages ago that they'd given it a 6/10 - the online review is a slightly edited version of the review in their Magazine.

Most of Edge's scores were a joke in that issue - 6/10 for CoD:WaW, games like Quantum of Solace getting 5/10 - but that's nearly the same score as R2, other games getting better than R2 which were also ridiculous.

Then they had the cheek to give L4D a 9/10 - which is fine in and of itself, but when you give R2 a 6/10 which has a similar (and yet deeper) co-op mode as just one part of the entire package, it screams bias."

L4D is a better game, period. You people are using numbers again, who cares if Resistance 2 has 200 gameplay hours, 400 weapons, and 100 players online, it does not have the quality that L4D provides. I feel sorry for you guys that feel obliged to buy it just to justify your PS3 purchase.

gijose3835d ago

how can you compare L4D's multiplayer with R2? They're COMPLETELY different, and anyone saying otherwise hasn't played both.

GIJeff3835d ago

.....really? L4D is a MOD for a 4+ year old engine. The AI is non existent(why are zombies spawning on top objects they cant climb? like dressers, etc..), the weapons and how they're used is basic, the maps are basic and generic, the story is cheap and stolen, etc. etc. What L4D does successfully is act as a pretty good survival mini game that should have been included in a much bigger game. Calling L4D a quality title compared to R2 is an outright joke. I like L4D, but quality wise, LOL.

TheSadTruth3835d ago

"Calling L4D a quality title compared to R2 is an outright joke. I like L4D, but quality wise, LOL. "

Which is why L4D is critically acclaimed and Resistance 2 is just another FPS from the creator's of Ratchet and Clank.


Arent reviews just opinions guys you have to play the game youself and see if its good or not.

Aquanox3835d ago

Pretty interesting. Resistance 2 has fallen below the 90s even the filled-by-fanboy-blog-scores

In metacritic, it has just hit 87%. Well below Fable II.

kwyjibo3835d ago

Have you played Left4Dead at all?

The pathfinding AI is some of the best there is, there is absolutely nowhere the infected can't climb. The AI director is superb, getting the pacing and variety right every play through.

If it weren't so, then there wouldn't be so many moments when a hunter has manage to pounce one of your team, or when a smoker has dragged one of your guys off.

The weapons may be basic, but they all do a separate clearly defined job. You're not fighting things one on one, you don't need a Halo Needler, or some sci-fi wallhack gun. I know you love your chainsaw duels, but they don't really have a place in a contemporary urban environment.

Dismissing it as a mod, is doing the game a disservice, and reflects badly upon your position. Pacific Rift is a mod of Motorstorm is it? Team Fortress 2 is a mod of Half-Life 2, is it? Compare Left4Dead to World of War's survival minigame, and you'll see an giant leap in scope and quality.

Maxned3835d ago

Come on even im a 360 fanboy and I know that theres something wrong with that score...

CryofSilence3835d ago

Everyone with a brain stem knows that Edge are biased d*ckweeds. Nothing from them (and several other sites) should be taken seriously.

Kamikze093835d ago

"That means more players in multiplayer (60, up from 40), more weapons in the arsenal, more storeys on the bosses, more enemies on the screen, and more options on the menus. More, more, more."

I can't believe they turned this into a bad thing? More? When has more ever been a bad thing (besides last Thanksgiving's pie)? If they said these things about a 360 game they would be praising Bill Gates and the "power" of the 360. This game has a really immersive story with a great multiplayer. I can see where they got the 6/10 from.

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Johnny Rotten3835d ago

ok was that a review or just somebody whining?

mesh13835d ago

this is a great review for this game they got it spot on tbh its and av

f7897903835d ago

All the firing makes fighting the Chimera a chore? Well duh! It's an invasion your fighting against! Its a chore playing any game that has enemies shooting at you.

lokiroo4203835d ago

Retarded score, all you can say is HAAA, get real this review is bs and everyone on here knows it 360 or ps3 fanboy. These guys need to strung up, really you have to insanely ignorant or insanely arrogant, Im now leaning towards ignorant.

ultimolu3835d ago

Their opinion.
Still having fun with the game.

MiloGarret3835d ago

Well there's a sensible comment.

ultimolu3835d ago


I'm not letting reviews dictate how much fun I have in a game.

bviperz3835d ago

I for one am having a blast with a 6/10 EDGE scored game!

3835d ago
theKiller3835d ago

and some people trust metacritics more than N4G average score because N4G included some fanboy sites reviews LOL!! and what about metacritics? isnt eurogamer,edge,GameDaily the biggest fanboy sites against ps3 exclusives??

WeaseL3835d ago

Proud to be sponsored by MS.
Just look at all those Ads for the 360

Aquanox3835d ago

... But it reflects what has been shown by Sony products so far.

They focus too much into numbers instead of sould and identity of their games. They promise 1080p, 60 - 200 players online, 20 hours of gameplay, etc... numbers, numbers, numbers... and while in a pretty decent amount of cases they deliver, they still fall in the same mistake of losing focus on what makes a game a groundbreaking IP: Substance, the same substance and identity that make Halo and Gears of War milestone titles which each iteration.

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OmarJA3835d ago

Why am i not surprised ?


InMyOpinion3835d ago

Yeah! You heard the man, keep the news PS3 biased!

waznotwaz3835d ago

You respect Edges journalistic creditability.News.After giving Resistance 2 a score nearly 3 points below the average,they don't have any journalistic creditability.If they were genuinely down on this game they would have give it a low score.Of 8.They have given it a 6.A 6????What's that all about.Are they mad or do these expect to somehow sell more magazines by alienating all playstation fans.

kwyjibo3835d ago

I cannot believe that anyone can take your argument seriously, your idea of journalistic integrity has been seriously corrupted, and if this is your typical quality of argument, then the extra bubble you have shows the depths of which the N4G audience has fallen to.

For you, journalistic credibility is not about stating opinions. It's about following the crowd. Instead of actively contributing to the Metacritic average, or whatever index you follow, you believe reviewers should try to second guess what everyone else is thinking.

Only, it doesn't stop there, because instead of second guessing what the average will be, you're actually trying to second guess what everyone else thinks the average will be.

Journalistic credibility, and integrity, come from stating your analysis clearly, succinctly and without any consideration from what the consensus might be. In the age of the blog, and the idiotic echo chambers they provide, where users merely restate opinions they read elsewhere, Edge's approach is both old fashioned and a breath of fresh air.

lokiroo4203835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

kwyjibo their credibility is tainted because there is no way that this game is a 6, how is it that it deviates so far from all other scores, do they think theyre seeing something that nobody else has? Or is it that they reviewed the game knowing what kind of score they were going to give before hand? Like the game or not in now way does it deserve a score like this, you know it I know it, everyone else knows it even edge. This is a stab at somebody and edge is clearly trying to hurt sales or pick up their own sales. Credibility is out the door when you miss the mark so badly, how can you take other scores seriously from them, how can you?

As far as credibility coming from stating things clearly, are you serious? I can clearly state anything, true or not, the clarity of your statements mean nothing when they hold little value or are biased to your own agenda.

kwyjibo3835d ago

No, it's your opinion that this game is not a 6.

It's Edge's opinion that it is. For a publication to be credible, they have to be true to what they believe. If you're grown up with IGN and Gamespot, where awarding everything 8/10 was the de facto standard until very recently, then that's probably a concept that is entirely alien to you.

Reviewers have a duty to state their opinion, whether or not it agrees with the consensus or otherwise. It is not their job to second guess what the Metacritic average is, these are the opinions that actively shape the index average, not the ones that merely follow it.

Edge gave Max Payne 6/10, totally outside of the distribution curve, just as Resistance 2's score is. And you know what? They were right about Max Payne, it was style over substance, over reliant on bullet time special affects to glaze over the quickload happy gameplay. On the other hand, they gave Morrowind 6/10, in which I totally disagree. What I do respect however, is that they're unafraid to air opinions that may lie outside the norm.

You argue that because an opinion lies outside of the bell curve, then the publication has no credibility. That's false, you can apply this to every single publication, at some point, for some games, they will be the outlying opinion. Unless that is, those placid middle of the road 8/10s are all you read.

lokiroo4203835d ago

Blah, blah, blah, this not cannot be opinion without bias, no way in no world is this game an F, 6 out of 10.

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