An Epic miss: why isn’t Rocket League on the Epic Games Store and free to play?

With Rocket League, there’s so much more Epic could do to reach new players, including making the title free to play and adding it to the Epic Games Store. Epic even said it would bring the game to its store by the end of 2019. But what happened? Read on for the International Gamer Pubcast's deep dive into the situation.

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Games1st62d ago

That would be s good idea.

superhys262d ago

Right!? It seems like a no-brainer

Vits62d ago

They are probably getting there. The Linux and Mac version was already killed off by them.
And there is a speculation that a new version of RL will be released on the EGS with the Overwatch 2 aproach. Meaning that Steam users would still be able to play multiplayer, but not get all the new stuff.