WB Montreal Batman Game Cinematic Trailer Image Leaked, Coming To PS5 - Rumor

The new WB Montreal Batman Game may have just had an image from its cinematic trailer leak ahead of the PS5 reveal event tomorrow.

RaidenBlack1448d ago

Looks like the Batman Beyond logo.

UnSelf1447d ago

Ps5 off to a good start. Next hzd 2...

Starman691447d ago

Batman arkham night was an awsome game for being so early into the ps4's live span.

morganfell1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Yeah...that's noted in the article...

And whatever the rumor lets not forget people like this the next time they make another one of these predicitions


1447d ago
scofios1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


"oh look , a cross gen "
You seem not to like cross gen games ?
Then your in for a treat, because first two years of the series X is nothing but cross gen.
Oh the Irony .

Saijahn1447d ago

Most multiplats will be cross gen...not to mention Sony going to pull the switcheroo and charge you again for some games as ‘remasters’

SugarSoSweet1447d ago

I HATE Cross Gen...........🤮㊄ 6;🤮

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PaleMoonDeath1447d ago

I've expected the next Batman game at several events.. I won't hype myself up, but noted!

LegoIsAwesome1447d ago

Another leaked that didnt come true. How many times did this happened in the past.


L7CHAPEL1446d ago

I don't like the Warner brother Batman games, I won't play another one

mynameisthumper1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I love Batman, and the Arkham games...but if this uses the same combat system as all the Batman/Mordor/Spider-Man/whate ver else games do...I may wait for a huge sale or just skip it. Not that it isn't a good combat system, it's just been done to death :/

xX-oldboy-Xx1447d ago

I hear ya - fair chance it will though, hard to reinvent the wheel.

myfathersbastard1447d ago

It kind of perfected that whole combat system though. It was THE game all the other games took inspiration from. So can you fault the first ones to do it that other people took what they did and ran with it?

Gaming4Life19811447d ago

Yea same for me cause that combat system has been used and abused at this point. I like all the arkham games but I was really hoping they would choose another superhero cause I'm tired of batman games.

Darkborn1447d ago

I honestly don't like it that much either. It's pretty much button mashing.

Starman691447d ago

The story and level designs were awsome and very well thought out tho... Awsome superhero game!!

cell9891447d ago

What would you prefer, the Witcher 3 style?

TheKingKratos1447d ago

Nooooo god no ... not even witcher 3 deserve that crap gameplay

LightofDarkness1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Id love if they took a leaf out of the last God of War's book.

mynameisthumper1447d ago

@everyone in this thread since this discussion is awesome and fascinating to me:

I absolutely agree with @LightofDarkness on this. Think about this for a second for all those who disagree with my of post...there have been at least 4 Arkham games released between this and last gen that all use the same core combat system. Beyond that, since it has been adopted by the industry at large, its mechanics now appear in the following games, just to name a batch off the top of my head:

Shadow of Mordor/War
Mad Max
Sleeping Dogs (iirc but it's been a bit since I played it)
Hand of Fate
Star Wars: Fallen Order
...and I'm sure even more utilize it.

While I definitely don't doubt its "perfection" in terms of fluidity and control, it's really starting to wear on me how easily developers will use it as a crutch rather than risk something new.

God of War and the Santa Monica team weren't afraid to risk a new control style, and while it can be hit or miss for some of the people I've talked to, I thought it was an awesome evolution of control over Kratos.

I want to reiterate that I'm not saying that this control style is bad in any way, I just want to see more from the developers who make games with fluid combat as we move into the next generation.

We didn't always use the triggers on our controllers to shoot, and we didn't always use the right stick to control the camera. Evolution of control styles are part of this industry, and something that can allow teams to experiment and grow. Don't settle for a universally adopted control style, or eventually everything using it will feel generic and phoned in.

L7CHAPEL1446d ago

it's just the same crap with a different skin, each time.
it's gotten long in the tooth

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AngainorG7X1447d ago

I love this time of the year

Gaming4Life19811447d ago

Me too and I greatly miss E3 and I hope their is no more talk of cancelling E3 ever again


E3 has been replaced. With the Summer Games Festival. E3 was crap