Nvidia Ampere's colossal RTX 3080 heat sink has been snapped in greater detail

There you have it—further proof of Nvidia's next-gen Ampere Founders Edition design.

So this is what the RTX 3080 will look like then. The flurry of Nvidia RTX 3080 leaks continues with a Reddit user posting further images of an Nvidia Ampere Founders Edition heat sink, and it appears as though previous leaks were accurate as to the topsy-turvy design of the high-end graphics card.

FlyingFoxy1092d ago

Guess we'll be seeing benchmarks soon, I'll be interested in seeing the prices but I'll probably be eyeing up either a 3070 or 3080, which will no doubt be needed if wanting decently high frame rates using a 1440p high refresh screen.

Not sure on the amount of vram these cards have yet, but by the time that matters we'll likely have noticeably faster cards again maybe in 2-4 years anyway.

1092d ago
seanpitt231092d ago

Yeah that will be about £750+ We need to see what these cards are capable of

UltraNova1092d ago

No, the 3090 will cost TITAN money. The 3080 will be around 750.

ABizzel11092d ago

NVIDIA use to do a 90 series back in the GTX series days, they stopped after the 600 series with the 690, and started doing the ti series for the high end in the 700 series 780 ti since they were already doing it with the low tier cards for generations (650 & 650 ti). So it's nothing new for them. That being said the 90 series use to be based on dual GPUs, meanwhile the RTX 3090 is allegedly a titan replacement.

Fishy Fingers1092d ago

My guess, they want to save the "ti" branding in case AMD pulls a fast one and competes for the performance crown, Nvidia could quickly push out a (likely hugely expensive) 3080/90ti.

ABizzel11092d ago


It makes sense, as they've done it before whenever they need to.

Saaleh1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

To me, this is far more annoying than exciting. Every new iteration they keep raising the price while the power of the graphic cards doesn't match these prices. They need to change that or else I will stay with my gpu for 6 years before i upgrade. I want to feel the hype of upgrading, so far they keep decreasing hype. Let's hope that changes with this iteration.

FlameWater1092d ago

Hopefully were at the phase of a price drop, most people already own the GPU of their choice and most games people play are already maxed out.