Report - Minecraft PSVR Support Is Coming and Has Been Completed

Minecraft PSVR support is apparently happening as work has been completed according to an internal PlayStation 4 build.

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THC CELL266d ago

This could be good news for psvr

VenomUK265d ago

Whilst at first I would question whether Microsoft would support a feature, VR, that its own console doesn’t have, I do think this is possible! VR would be a perfect way to expand the experience of the Minecraft game and PSVR has the largest VR install base. It would also provide Microsoft with valuable data and experience for if and when it releases a VR solution for its own Xbox platform. I hope this is true!

265d ago
VenomUK265d ago

@shaggy2303 Yes, I’ve seen clips it looks great but sadly I don’t have a powerful PC VR gaming setup, one day! I do have PSVR so Minecraft has the potential to reach a, relatively, large VR audience.

I’m only an occasional player of Minecraft but I have put time into building a. glass and wood home on top of a cliff that overlooks a prairie and I just love looking across when the sun sets after the rains - in VR this could be magic.

ILostMyMind265d ago

Microsoft may not be able to interfere with this. It can be part of the contract. Remember that Minecraft was not created by Microsoft.

gravedigger265d ago

Nobody is asking for VR on Xbox - Phil Spencer. But thank you, Phil, for PSVR support on PS4

265d ago
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neomahi265d ago

No. This was meant for Halolens, this is corporate espionage.

Ratchet75266d ago

Just Played no man Sky in VR.
❤️ ❤️

anonymousfan266d ago

It looks cool but I cant play like that the motion sickness is too much for my weak constitution :( only games I can stand are stationary ones like AstroBot, Moss etc

265d ago
phoenixwing266d ago

I hate Minecraft but it will be good for the ppl that like it

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jjb1981266d ago

Discovery for PSVR was the closest thing. Its not bad but its not great.

Abnor_Mal266d ago

I was just talking about Discovery a few days ago, bought it but for a few dollars and never tried it.

Although I like to support PSVR as much as possible, this will be a pass for me as I don't find Minecraft enjoyable. I do enjoy seeing what people are able to create in the game, but resource gathering and management games are not fun to me.

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ApocalypseShadow266d ago

Some gamers begging for it on reddit will be happy.

Unspoken265d ago

The more VR and cross play the merrier.

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The story is too old to be commented.