GamesRadar: Chrono Trigger Review

GamesRadar writes "Years before powerful Japanese RPG-smiths Square and Enix merged, the minds behind Enix's Dragon Quest and Square's Final Fantasy came together to create a dream project that would allow them to experiment in ways their established franchises wouldn't. The resulting game took the Super NES as far as it could go, technically speaking, and it has had only one other release since, an admittedly half-baked port to the PSOne. But now this not-so-forgotten masterpiece, Chrono Trigger, gets a deserving revival on the DS."

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DevilVergilX3835d ago

Cant wait to play this too(never played the original -_-).

Cenobia3834d ago

I was playing it on my PS3 through Linux. Pretty awesome game. I stopped near the end due to the great games coming recently, but it's definitley a game I want to finish. It has a pretty great story, and some twists I've never seen before.

Maybe I'll get it for my DS. I haven't played that for a while.

Keele3834d ago

Hail one of, if not, greatest rpg of all time.