Decembers Qore (Episode 7) will have something big?

Coming soon to Qore episode 7: An email from Playstation Underground says "Our December Episode celebrates the season that we like to call
"Interactivus" in a big way. How
big? Well, so big that, like the
mysteries of the holiday itself,
the details will have to remain a
secret for now. But, we know you
are all curious, so we will give
you one small hint - the best
things in life are free!"

What could this be?

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kittoo3836d ago

Now that would be big.

REDNAVE3836d ago

IGN has been talking about this KillZone 2 related thing that will be revealed on December 4th; the same day that Qore comes out! I'm totally betting that it's a KZ2 single player level demo.

buy a ps33836d ago

Guerrilla said they would have somthing big around that time to.

sushipoop3836d ago

I already know what it is. It's Killzone 2 related.

BananaSlug3836d ago

dec 4th is just when NDAs lift on KZ2 SP footage/media

no SP demo here when it is 3 months out

mercyless93835d ago

"interactivus" , i feel it has something to do with god of war.

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PoSTedUP3836d ago

either KillZone2 beta? or GoWIII demo?!?!?!? : D !

ultimolu3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

God of War III?!

...Way too soon. o_o

But imagine that was true...*faints*

PoSTedUP3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

yea, its too good to be true ; )

hmmm.... *ponders*

EDIT: or like jkhan said below "GOW3 footage"... hmm... that would be nice too ; )

ultimolu3836d ago

Yeah. That would be o_o

nutcase4u3836d ago

It has to be HOME. Hear me out on this one.

"The best things in LIFE are free." is clearly a reference to Second Life, and being free is what the PSN is all about. One of the major pieces to Home is how they've always stressed that IT IS FREE. Plus, they recently hinted that after updating to version 1.0 they would very shortly after allow it to be an OPEN BETA.

Seems like the logical answer, but here's hoping for a Killzone demo or beta.

GIJeff3835d ago

with nutcase on this one. Definitely HOME.

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jwatt3836d ago

I think the safest bet is Home then I thinik next on the list is Killzone beta. They gave us a hint like it's something we already know and it can't be free dlc becuase that would exclude alot of people.

pwnsause3836d ago

Home will be going Open beta by the end of this year. It must be something bigger. It must be KZ2 related or GOW3 related.

Lou-Cipher3836d ago

Veronica Belmont gets naked.

Everyone cross your fingers

Jager3836d ago

F#ck, i crossed every finger i got, used ever favor and used my stash of 14 Four-Leaf-Clovers... Bring on the Luck!

Bubbles for the laugh man.

Marcan213836d ago

man she's the perfect woman

TheHater3836d ago

I almost dies laughing at your comment. I hope she does :)

bviperz3836d ago

Got tears in my eyes for laughing so hard!

pwnsause3836d ago

Imagine? Qore would be So worth it then LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Jk.

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jkhan3836d ago

GOW3 footage or Killzone 2 singleplayer demo

remanutd553836d ago

GOW3 footage?????????? oh boy , i dont think its gonna happen but it would be extremely awesome if it does happen, i think its either killzone2 sp demo or mp beta or playstation home , i already have them both lol. sony give me my GOW3 gameplay!!!!!!!

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