Introducing Crossplay for No Man’s Sky

Hello Everyone! A couple of weeks ago, we announced that No Man’s Sky was coming to Xbox Game Pass. We can now reveal that it will enter Game Pass TOMORROW on Thursday 11th June.

To coincide with this, we are releasing a Windows 10 version of the game which will also be part of the Game Pass for PC program.

This means that millions of Xbox One and Windows PC gamers who subscribe to the Game Pass service will be able to try No Man’s Sky for the first time.

We are excited to be able to announce that, starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 players, Xbox One players and PC players will all be able to explore, journey, survive, build, and trade together. Excitingly, No Man’s Sky is joining what is at the moment a fairly small group of games which support cross-platform multiplayer.

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crazyCoconuts465d ago

This is awesome. I still think this game has loads of potential

Deebo_slice465d ago

This is so dope. I'm going to start from scratch on PC.

JeffGUNZ465d ago

I started it on Xbox but thought it would be a much easier game to play on PC. Gotta give this a download then!

Leemundo464d ago

Cross-play was a dream that sounded fun and interesting... and then we all realised it’s not that great.... becuz hackers.