What Games to Expect at the PlayStation 5 Reveal

Gamerheadquarters; "The full reveal of the PlayStation 5 is almost upon us, and with that it’s time to dive into the games to expect at the showcase."

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CaptainHenry9161082d ago

I'll be surprised if Horizon 2 is not announced

bouzebbal1081d ago

Why is that? A game like this won't be revealed tomorrow..
I'm almost sure a new killzone will come out before, so the online can be tested and to build that community..
Guerrilla killzone
Bluepoint's new game
Gran Turismo
I'm hoping for The Order 2, would be a megaton.

WickedLester1081d ago

God I hope you are right. Id love a brand new Killzone for the launch of the PS5.

UltraNova1081d ago

I don't know if Guerilla/Sony have that much faith in the Killzone IP anymore tbh. It would be a shame I know, I really want a new one as well.

A Demon Souls remake and The Order 2 are on my most wanted list.

bouzebbal1081d ago

No faith in killzone but faith in the order??
Killzone sold extremely well everytime since kz2. It's a flagship series for PlayStation and you can be sure it'll come back soon

WickedLester1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


Agreed. Killzone as a franchise has enormous potential. I love the lore of this series and the universe its in. For whatever reason though, the games keep coming up JUST short of being the AAA bangers that other Sony franchises are. Killzone Mercenary on Vita was fantastic though. I hope Sony doesn't let this IP disappear because they don't have very many first person shooters that are PlayStation exclusives.

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neutralgamer19921081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


GG have 2 separate teams one is doing a shooter of sort sort and the other is doing horizon 2. Horizon 2 would be easier since they will be doing a sequel so many assets can be re-used(they don't have to start from scratch) and by the time ps5 comes out HZD will be over 3.5 years old which is plenty of time for a sequel(especially as GG hired more developers and grew) IMO we will see gameplay for horizon2

now the 2nd team is what's the mystery sony has 2 big shooters it can reboot(KZ, Socom and resistance) rumor had it GG were doing a proper socom. I think sony may go after more hardcore shooter fans of original socom games because 3rd party FPS are filling the void left behind by resistance and killzone(i don't agree with that because both are very special to me especially the co-op in resistance 2(still boggles my mind insomniac removed the most played mode when they released resistance 3 without the co-op) and KZ2 MP has the best memories in warzone

besides what i said above below are games i want to see

demon souls remake
silent hill
bloodborne native 4k/60FPS
started started a new team in san diego to take over for uncharted over 2 years ago

some more studio acquisitions

you best believe sony will bring games and a lot of them because they have been so quite and this is their first real opportunity to have the stage all to themselves

expect megaton announcements like we had during E3 of dreams(shenmue 3, FF7 remake and TLG) I am talking about fan and media reaction wise how sony's e3 pretty much overshadowed the whole E3

sony will show a lot of gameplay but they will also show some teasers and i fully expect kojima to tease something

what i am trying to say is set your expectations very high and sony will deliver on top of that(yes that's how much confidence i have in sony because of the fact they let ms talk since decemeber of last year and stayed quite

now their games will do the talking and i think we will see hardware reveal simply because ps5's are in production so it will leak might as well show it and than announce the price in august(their next scheduled event)

darthv721081d ago

I'd love to see a KZ4 as well as an order 2 but if Sony is going to lead off the next gen with sequels then it would likely be with games people would be expecting like HZD2 and SM2 and maybe even GT7 and GoW2. But in all likeliness it may be one or two sequels and a bunch of new titles. Sony is not one to rely solely on their sequels out of the gate. They will bring them at some point, but they tend to showcase new games that are built specifically for the new generation.

Nineball21121081d ago

I'd LOVE to see a new Resistance game. But... yeah, not holding my breath on that one.

bouzebbal1081d ago

Sony will dominate next gen no matter what.. Gamers need that variety.. Killzone as launch title is much more crucial to a good start than horizon is. Reason is simply that coop multi-player games help build that community in the beginning of a console's life cycle

Xaywhat1081d ago

I would love The Order II. That game had such a great world and the graphics are still top of the bunch today. They just needed more time and money. Make it happen Sony! It was still a fun game to me.

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pwnmaster30001081d ago

Honestly I’m not expecting anything to great (playing it safe).

Hopefully I’m wrong and Sony gives us some good news for once. (Not referring to them but just 2020 in general).

MatrixxGT1081d ago

Yeah my expectations are very low. I don’t get hyped for this stuff anyway as it just leads to disappointment.

SierraGuy1081d ago

There's rumours floating around Rockstar is showing something....GTA 6?

oof461081d ago

You'd have more luck hoping for Agent.

Mr Marvel1081d ago

You’d have better odds buying a lottery ticket.

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morganfell1081d ago

Konami will be there but its most likely Silent Hill.

NeoGamer2321081d ago

My guess...

GT for launch
Horizon 2 post-launch
Bluepoint's new game post-launch
God of War post-launch

Third party games
Call of Duty
Star Wars Battlefront

Updated TLOU2 for launch
Updated Ghosts of Tsushima for launch

And finally
1-2 first party smaller launch games as surprises like Resogun and Knack were.

Mr Marvel1081d ago

This actually looks possible... and I’d be happy if it was real.

morganfell1081d ago

Guerrilla will have a launch title. Just not HZD2. Possibly SOCOM. If not them then they are doing an old fashioned Killzone and Bluepoint is bringing SOCOM at launch.

S2Killinit1081d ago

Almost certain Horizon 2 is not a launch title.

CaptainHenry9161081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

It still should be announced though. It's been 3 in a half years since the first game. I expect a teaser trailer or something

S2Killinit1081d ago

Possibly, but I read somewhere that this event is launch games only.

morganfell1081d ago

Launch games only? No. Just no. Sony is out to lower the boom with this one and that will involve more than launch. They may openly differentiate which are launch titles and they may not but I don't see them restricting the presentation. They are going to pull out a few big guns that are not launch games such as HZD2 and GoW.

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Veneno1081d ago

I feel like Sony would show at least one new IP. If not then SH reeboot will take that place. Some are even saying a new Castlevania might be shown.

DJStotty1082d ago

I think they should focus mainly on showing 1st party, this may be the gen i buy both consoles.

I am still awaiting gameplay from either Microsoft or Sony, but in the next 4 weeks, we should hopefully have some games shown from both.

UltraNova1081d ago

Hopefully, we'll get to see everything both MS and Sony have in store for launch by the end of July, which includes all launch games, console features, SKUs(if any), and prices.

medman1081d ago

I owned both 360 and ps3 but skipped xbox this gen. I plan to buy both the ps5 and series x when they become available. Sony's exclusives make the ps5 a no doubter for me, and xbox has shown enough for me to want the series x, both in what the console will be capable of, as well as gamepass and the studio acquisitions they've made over the course of the current gen. I'm excited for both consoles.

DJStotty1081d ago

I have always been a one console person, (down to time and funds)

Sega Mega Drive
Game Gear
Then went PC for a few years until original xbox released, then xbox since
one x

I was quite lucky to have family members that owned the opposition, PS1/2, SNES, Game boy, C64, Atari ST, but we are all now xbox, most of my family and friends are xbox, so that is where i will be next gen primarily.

FinalFantasyFanatic1081d ago

I'll definetly get the PS5 at some point, will probably skip the Xbox again this gen since unless it proves to be better than this lackluster generation (also assuming it has alot of game that don't come to PC).

DJStotty1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

people disagreeing with facts of my life, they somehow have better knowledge of lmao.

I did not need to personally buy a PS1 or PS2, as one of my brothers had them.


I might get PS5 as well at some point, the games for these next gen consoles are going to look really good.

Petebloodyonion1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Showing only 1st party games has never been a good strategy because not all consumer buy a console for the 1st party offering, you want to cover all type of game so there's something for everyone and last but not least you don't want to have your own titles compete with themselves (see Titanfall2 vs Battlefield1).

Also having a mix of games helps with the momentum and tempo of the presentation.
For example, You will be pleased with the new COD reveal but it will not spark a huge hype so the momentum will be low. That will allow a momentum bump or huge sparks of interest if the reveal after is Spiderman2.
After that would probably follow up with a predictable game because it will be near impossible to keep the same hype for the next one. Insert here random Ubisoft, Bethesda game.

And Kudos for sticking with only one platform
I was never able to do that and usually end up owning them all even if I don't really have time to play them.
But, I pat myself on the back for not having a Switch because there's some killer titles on it but I damn well know that they would sit on my shelves like Death Stranding, KH3, Nier and countless games that I have promised myself to play.

DJStotty1080d ago

True, but i want to see the 1st party offerings for both, we have seen some third party from MSofts 1st stream, and the usual showings like COD, FIFA, Battlefield, are a given and i would rather them be shown by their respective publishers.

If it was my choice i would have every console, but funds and time, it is not feasible lol.

sushimama1082d ago

The wrost thing you can do is go in expecting any game inparticular. Just go in expecting games.

WickedLester1081d ago

even worse than putting the r before the o? :)

sushimama1081d ago

No not really. But it is worse than starting off a sentence with a lower case letter.

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